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A Reader’s Mind is Like A Hotel

I imagine my mind as a hotel where characters from all the books I read stay. Most of the characters leave as soon as I finish reading the book. But some stay. Some stay longer. Some stay forever. But there… Continue Reading →

Can You Multi-task Like This Does? #gif

Can You Multi-task Like This Does? I bet you can’t! via Reddit

Genesis or Thesis?

Ever since my blogs started making little money, I have invested on premium theme framework and child themes (or skins). Thesis theme was my first investment in blogging other than the hosting expenses that I was already paying. Lately, I… Continue Reading →

What I Meant is Not What He Meant

The Blah Blah Blah Introduction/Background After a week long vacation in Kerala, my wife and I packed our bags and reached the railway station.  It was 9pm, and we still had 15 – 20 minutes before the train arrived. We… Continue Reading →

I am going to heaven (for sharing Facebook posts)

This morning an HR executive from the heaven added me on Facebook and send me an invite. I had to make couple of phone calls to the NSA to be sure that the invite came from the heaven indeed. (Turns… Continue Reading →

Yes, I Still Blog!

Been a while. Bad. I should have kept this blog alive. But there is some good news too. I still blog. I actually I blog a  lot these days. I started Chrome Story, which is doing a lot better than… Continue Reading →

Bots Registering on Your WordPress or bbPress Site? Here is a Small Tip To Reduce It

I added a bbpress forum to my blog recently. Since bbpress is being maintained as a wordpress plugin instead of a separate software, installing and setting up the forum was simple and easy. and then I started figuring out… Continue Reading →

Samsung, You Must Hire Designers Who Made That Sony Tablet

Seriously. Sony designed an awesome tablet, but they couldn’t put together a nice tablet on top of that great design. Samsung does great tablets, but they really need to refine their tablet design so that everyone will stop complaining about… Continue Reading →

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