I have the habit of setting up email IDs wherever possible. Being an AOL and AIM user, Aol India, was something of great interest for me.

First impression ? well did you try to copy yahoo’s lay out ? lol ? ( no I am not kidding ). Its just the lay out but aol.in has something yahoo doesnt have. Simplicity. Even with ads and lot of sections added to the homepage, it looks simple. However I am not that happy with the white background. ( well you are a guy with black background for your blog aren’t you ? )

Entertainment news is the main attraction of the homepage. Google powered search is an addon. Trying to play video from Fedora 7 powered firefox didn’t work out properly. ( Cant blame you aol ). You have a city guide under the video section, if you are interested.

I had a tough time getting in to my email account after the sign up. But I was happy once I got in. Its quite simple and way better than yahoo’s ajax powered beta.Works pretty fast. Test mail to gmail and  at dinsan.info reached real fast. This should be a good option for those who want to leave yahoo but not interested to go for a gmail account. ( nothing better than gmail so far though ) unlimited storage space is another attraction. Aol mail should get a 6.5/10 for overall performance. So aol.in on a whole ? 5.5 for now. Should see more improvement on content.

Have you tried AOL.in ? hmmm wallpapers videos songs gossip …. let me know your comments …