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I have the habit of setting up email IDs wherever possible. Being an AOL and AIM user, Aol India, was something of great interest for me.

First impression ? well did you try to copy yahoo’s lay out ? lol ? ( no I am not kidding ). Its just the lay out but has something yahoo doesnt have. Simplicity. Even with ads and lot of sections added to the homepage, it looks simple. However I am not that happy with the white background. ( well you are a guy with black background for your blog aren’t you ? )

Entertainment news is the main attraction of the homepage. Google powered search is an addon. Trying to play video from Fedora 7 powered firefox didn’t work out properly. ( Cant blame you aol ). You have a city guide under the video section, if you are interested.

I had a tough time getting in to my email account after the sign up. But I was happy once I got in. Its quite simple and way better than yahoo’s ajax powered beta.Works pretty fast. Test mail to gmail and  at reached real fast. This should be a good option for those who want to leave yahoo but not interested to go for a gmail account. ( nothing better than gmail so far though ) unlimited storage space is another attraction. Aol mail should get a 6.5/10 for overall performance. So on a whole ? 5.5 for now. Should see more improvement on content.

Have you tried ? hmmm wallpapers videos songs gossip …. let me know your comments …


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  1. I tried out AOL but wasn’t impressed. So, never started using it. They are spending a lot of money promoting it though…

  2. oh ok .. but dont know why.. I liked it a bit.. may be its quite simple.. and better than Yahoo’s home page…..

    thanks for the comment mate.

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