Independence day with Orkut

Its too good to see our young Indians all over the orkutland celebrating India’s Independence day. Whatever negative points you have against orkut, you can’t ignore the way most quite a few of them have used it.

Orkut India We have seen google coming up with special logos for each special days on calender. Now its Orkut with the Orkut India logo, an independence day special.

With a bunch of scraps coming in asking me to change the profile picture to National Flag, to show our love, and request to report a ” we hate India” community as bogus… its a nice envio around.

and here is something that I found from google. Happy Independence DayCouldn’t get the full sized image. This is just a thumnail. A.R Rehman has released a Album based on the national Anthem, “Jan Gan Man”. You can watch it online here . Its his magic again. Last time when he released Vande Matharam, on 50th Independence day, most of us forgot the original version of it. His tune was that much popular. No wonder people created a community “A.R Rehaman is god” on orkut. Yes, indeed, for those who believe that Music is a relegion.


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  1. JAI HIND!!
    aND PLS.. change the profile picture to National Flag :)

  2. thanks :) I have changed the picture … ( happy now ? )

  3. oh yea….good boy ;)..n pass the message 2 all ur frnds….n pls exlain the meaning of ur last comment 😛

  4. there is no way to explain Ma’am sorry ..thats what i felt when i read your post.. so posted there thats all

  5. I agree!

    I am a HUGE fan of Rehman!… and his patriotic songs touch the chord that very few do among the newer songs..

    Be it.. Vande Matharam, Des Mere (Bhagat Singh!), The music from Swades or the latest rendition of the National Anthem! .. He sings and composes form the heart!

  6. Yes….as he said in his interview with CNN IBN, his music
    has a personality attached to it. which on one else has

    thanks for the comment

  7. First of all, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. I think you have a great place here. I always love any website with black in them and when it’s got somebody writing nice things as well, it’s all the better.

    What you’ve written about Orkut is true. I was wondering the same thing and appreciating it. I’ve not seen Yahoo! do this. They do it only on christian festivals and 4th of July. But Google’s Indian page had the tricolour too and we know that it always feels good. You feel more at home.

    As far as Rahman goes, I think the guy is almost God. He’s a pure genius. I think this album is in collabration with Airtel isn’t it? I’ve listened as well as watched some of the songs from that album on T.V. and must say, bringing Lata and Asha together was a great thing to do. All the other songs seem very nice and have that good old patriotic feel to them that wants you to just get up and start singing them.

  8. Hey… Thanks for the comment.. I liked your blog too looks like both r of same interest eh ?

    Yes, Airtel had something to do with that album. Some supporting stuff I guess. There is no way of comparing Google with Yahoo they can never be creative as much as Google is.

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