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November 2007

Gmail now with group chat and rich emoticons

A little more google love, now with gmail. I always loved gmail because of it being so simple, with all the great features filled in. I thought, those small : and made gmail look more cute. Now, when they bring… Continue Reading →

Orkut, keep your photos private

This is something I was waiting for ! You can have secrets now ! Have you ever wondered how much privacy you have on orkut, 0% privacy…. and thats too bad isn’t it ?. I used to advice ( I… Continue Reading →

Google adsense improved : Accidental clicks avoided

Google has announced a major change in the way the text ads appear on websites. ” Continuing these improvements, we’ve just changed our text ads slightly to help reduce accidental clicks. In the past, users could click on both the… Continue Reading →

Dont forget blogger please !

This is the second post, on the google series ( Even though I do not have something officially announced, a series ) I know most of us, concentrate on wordpress and read most of the best posts on wordpress. I… Continue Reading →

My Lord

This one was written one year back…….. going through it again. My lord You are my temple The church with thousand windows Bleeding altar your heart is a flower with thousand wounds Each word from you had thousand dreams each… Continue Reading →

In Love With Google !

I used to be a big fan of google ( not just search, there is a lot more ) and these days, I think, I have started loving them more ! I am reading something about google every day, (… Continue Reading →

Tagged !!!

I have been tagged by Poonam. 1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? None I was tired and had a sweet throat pain 2. What were you doing at 0800? Logging in for work ! 3. What… Continue Reading →

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