MonthApril 2008

Manage your Orkut Album Better

I have seen many crazy orkuteers who keep updating their album on a daily basis. If you are  one of them, orkut has a new feature for you. You can now “drag n drop” photos to re order them in the same album.

Here is what you need to do, in order to re-arrange your photo album

1 Login to Orkut > Albums > Album that you want to edit >
2 Now, Click on “Reorder photos”
3 Drag and re-arrange your photos you wish
4 Save

I know it’s a good feature, but I am expecting more here. How will you move photos from one album to another ? There is no option for this at the moment. When will you enable this feature pleas ?

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Eight and Me

It’s been a long time since I did a tag post. Thanks to “My Chit Chat” , and Liju here is one again.

Eight things I am passionate about :

1 My Love
2 My Dreams
3 Internet
4 Music
5 Books
6 Journalism
7 Friends
8 My Blog

Eight things I want to do before I die:

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Another Theme change ?

Okay, I got new domain, installed blog and restored most of my old posts. I told her, ok I have done this far. The response was, ” Okay, good, but don’t keep changing your theme”

If you are not the first time here, I am sure you know how crazy I am about themes. Or crazy about changing themes ?. Current theme is something I loved at first sight. I need to give a link to the theme page. Why ? hmm what if I change this one too ? How will you understand which theme I am referring to ? So, here is the link

I love the current theme. But that doesn’t mean that I am completely satisfied with this theme. First let me tell you why I love this theme.

1 It’s easy to read : no strain to go through the blog post. So, it supports the content very well.
2 It looks fresh and Clean
3 It has a good color scheme
4 It’s not so common. You won’t easily get it.
5 It was designed by the theme author for this own website and that means its a special one
6 It was designed by my favorite Designer, Small Potato of

So, what’s wrong with the theme ? Only one thing. I am not happy with the header alignment. Its not like normal headers ok, but still I feel there is something missing, on the header layout. I want the header image to be on the top of the blog title.

What now ? I am thinking about a theme change but luckily ( yes !!) I can’t find a theme that matches all my requirements.

Now, what you guys think about this theme ? Do I need to change it ? I know you are going to tell me to correct the header myself. I am too lazy … still I will not say ” No, I will not try” I will try. Hmm and yes, that’ll be great if I could get any help from you guys … any wordpress designers around ?

Your comments please !!

Offline Mode on Google Docs

Okay, is it new features week on Google Docs …. may be, because they are rolling out features one after the other. Here is the latest: You can view your presentations and spreadsheets etc offline too.

You won’t need to worry about an unreliable internet connection as you walk up to the front of the room to give your next presentation. Just click on your Google Docs desktop icon and know that your presentations and spreadsheets will be stored on your computer, at your fingertips.

Well, thats something useful for me. Not because my connection is unreliable, but because it is little costly at the moment. ( I am using Wireless connection : “Plug 2 Surf” from Tata Indiacom. ) So, when I am working with my google docs, I can save my free hours.

We still only support English language access, and Google Apps users shouldn’t expect to see offline Docs unless their domain admins have opted in to getting this new feature

Thanks, I am okay with “English Only” part. But I said thanks because I just started using Google Apps that will be great to have this feature here on my website too. So, can really go Offline !! ( I will post my Google Apps experience as soon as possible. )

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Youtube Vidoes with Google Docs Presentation

Yes, here is a new feature on Google docs. Add Youtube Videos to your presentations. You can insert one or more YouTube videos onto your slides and play the videos while you’re presenting.

Its been a long time since I have done a presentation. Anyway, I will be doing my next presentation on Google docs. Well, if I ever get chance to do one. If any of you guys are using Google Docs presentation, and would like to comment on how useful this feature is, you are most welcome to drop a comment here.

Another feature they added recently, is Speaker notes. If you do now know what speaker notes are, on a presentation, this is what it is. “Seasoned presenters keep their slides simple and use slides to help illustrate their points, not to present all of their information. They jot down their talking points, examples, and supporting evidence in speaker notes”

So, if you were looking for this option in Google Docs, its there now, try it out !!

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Mobile Images Ads from Google

If you do use mobile to browse, and hate images ads at the same time, here is a bad news for you. Google has announced ” Mobile Image Ads”. Oh wait, what if you really liked this idea, and would like to know more about it ? Okay, read on for more details.

First, take a look at the mobile image ads example page to see samples.

All mobile image ads are keyword-targeted, are priced on a cost-per-click basis, and must link to a mobile web page. That means, the page on which you see the ad will be a mobile friendly page, or mobile web page and the website, or url that you are going to reach by clicking the mobile ad, also, will be a mobile web page.

Publishers who are already using AdSense for mobile content just need to update their AdSense code to start displaying mobile ads on their site. So, if you are a publisher who has a mobile web page, and a google adsense account, its your turn to monetize your mobile page.

Mobile image ads are currently available in Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the UK, and the US

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Environment-Friendly Coffin

did you know your death is capable of generating about 300 kg of CO2? confused and curious ?. Same happened with me when I saw this news (I couldn’t find more details about this pollution. If you have some info, please post here. )

So, who made this Environment-Friendly Coffin ?

Just as unsound is the fact that your coffin could well be made of plywood from illegally logged trees, according to Yukihiro Masuda, project manager of Tri-Wall KK, a Tokyo-based packaging-materials company. His team has therefore come up with a green alternative — a coffin made from strong, three-layered cardboard produced from sustainable trees and held together with natural, starch-based glue. The 15-kg coffin has the look and feel of its wooden counterpart, supports a 200-kg body and requires half the energy for combustion compared to an ordinary coffin, resulting in just a third of the hazardous gas emissions. For each coffin purchased, Tri-Wall KK plants 10 trees in a national reserve in Mongolia. Masuda calculates that in 20 years those trees will have absorbed about 60% of the CO2 from a typical funeral.

That’s really interesting … isn’t it ?

The Road Ahead

It was tough experience, when I lost my original domain. But, I am trying to bring everything back here. This is my first day with this all new blog, and first post. I have a lot to do, a lot to achieve.

Stay Tuned !!!

PS: You may see broken links,images missing etc here on this new domain since links are all pointing to my old domain. For links, replace the domain name with and proceed and for images, it will take a lot of time for me to get them updated.

If you find any important link – image issues, please drop me a mail at hello@ this domain, and I will correct it.