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April 2008

Manage your Orkut Album Better

I have seen many crazy orkuteers who keep updating their album on a daily basis. If you are  one of them, orkut has a new feature for you. You can now “drag n drop” photos to re order them in… Continue Reading →

Eight and Me

It’s been a long time since I did a tag post. Thanks to “My Chit Chat” , and Liju here is one again. Eight things I am passionate about : 1 My Love 2 My Dreams 3 Internet 4 Music… Continue Reading →

Another Theme change ?

Okay, I got new domain, installed blog and restored most of my old posts. I told her, ok I have done this far. The response was, ” Okay, good, but don’t keep changing your theme” If you are not the… Continue Reading →

Offline Mode on Google Docs

Okay, is it new features week on Google Docs …. may be, because they are rolling out features one after the other. Here is the latest: You can view your presentations and spreadsheets etc offline too. You won’t need to… Continue Reading →

Youtube Vidoes with Google Docs Presentation

Yes, here is a new feature on Google docs. Add Youtube Videos to your presentations. You can insert one or more YouTube videos onto your slides and play the videos while you’re presenting. Its been a long time since I… Continue Reading →

Mobile Images Ads from Google

If you do use mobile to browse, and hate images ads at the same time, here is a bad news for you. Google has announced ” Mobile Image Ads”. Oh wait, what if you really liked this idea, and would… Continue Reading →

Environment-Friendly Coffin

did you know your death is capable of generating about 300 kg of CO2? confused and curious ?. Same happened with me when I saw this news (I couldn’t find more details about this pollution. If you have some info,… Continue Reading →

The Road Ahead

It was tough experience, when I lost my original domain. But, I am trying to bring everything back here. This is my first day with this all new blog, and first post. I have a lot to do, a lot… Continue Reading →

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