Another Theme change ?

Okay, I got new domain, installed blog and restored most of my old posts. I told her, ok I have done this far. The response was, ” Okay, good, but don’t keep changing your theme”

If you are not the first time here, I am sure you know how crazy I am about themes. Or crazy about changing themes ?. Current theme is something I loved at first sight. I need to give a link to the theme page. Why ? hmm what if I change this one too ? How will you understand which theme I am referring to ? So, here is the link

I love the current theme. But that doesn’t mean that I am completely satisfied with this theme. First let me tell you why I love this theme.

1 It’s easy to read : no strain to go through the blog post. So, it supports the content very well.
2 It looks fresh and Clean
3 It has a good color scheme
4 It’s not so common. You won’t easily get it.
5 It was designed by the theme author for this own website and that means its a special one
6 It was designed by my favorite Designer, Small Potato of

So, what’s wrong with the theme ? Only one thing. I am not happy with the header alignment. Its not like normal headers ok, but still I feel there is something missing, on the header layout. I want the header image to be on the top of the blog title.

What now ? I am thinking about a theme change but luckily ( yes !!) I can’t find a theme that matches all my requirements.

Now, what you guys think about this theme ? Do I need to change it ? I know you are going to tell me to correct the header myself. I am too lazy … still I will not say ” No, I will not try” I will try. Hmm and yes, that’ll be great if I could get any help from you guys … any wordpress designers around ?

Your comments please !!


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  1. Dinu, I’ve tagged you. :)

  2. Write your own theme 😀

    Or don’t use a theme at all. (Is it possible? I think not. 😛 )

  3. @ Suda

    LOL what a timing, actually I am trying to learn theme designing 😉 let me see how far it goes.. without a theme ? noway buddy :)

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