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Happy Birthday to you, My love.

Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday to you, My love.

You know how things were for last few days and I am sure you understand the situation. I could have made your Birthday much more beautiful…. but …. for this time…. sorry …

I love you.

PS: For all my friends here. My cousin brother met with an accident and is in ICU for past 2 days with internal bleeding in the brain. His condition was really serious. As of now, he started breathing without the Ventilator and is improving fast. He is just 10 years old. Pray for him.

update : 6/6/08 – ICU days are over. It lasted for 11 days. He is improving but not conscious yet.

update : 13/6/08 – He is conscious now, and no memory loss, he can remember most of the things… good improvement.. thanks a lot for your prayers

update : 18/6/2008 – He is back from the hospital !!! thank you all for your prayers… is almost normal now.. should comptely ok soon

Learning Online Journalism

Yes, I am trying to learn online Journalism. I am looking for a few blogs for my feed reader. Do you have any suggestions ? Do you know any part time courses ?

As of now, I have added and Online Journalism Blog to my feed reader. But I need a few more good blogs. If you know any good blog about online journalism, or bogs of Journalists, please drop me a comment.

Personal blogs of Journalists, will be a good set for reading right ? My blogging these days, is more about reading blogs. Even though I am not posting enough, I am reading a lot of blogs these days. Posting should eventually pick up.

Changed it again.

Update : I am changing the theme back to the old one to check the issue with Comment box. Thanks Santhosh for reporting the issue.

Yes, I changed my theme again. I had mentioned about a possible theme change here right ?. Thanks to Adii, I have a new theme live here. Well, this is not final. There will be a slight modification soon and I am waiting for the release of the latest version of this theme.

I changed to this theme before the release of the widgetized version, so that I can play with this one and learn how to make changes that I need. Would you like to suggest any modification ? I know the header image is not that good, I will update it soon, promise.

Adii’s theme replaced the Wpdesigner themes that I was using. Can Adii really replace Small Potato of ?

Malayalam WordPress Themes

I am not a theme designer. So, when I say Malayalam WordPress Themes, its not a new design that I am creating. But, I am trying to modify WordPress themes to add little Malayalam to it . I am testing this on my dummy wordpress installation where I play with themes. I should install a blog just for Malayalam WordPress Blogging.

Malayalam blogging community seems to have Ignored WordPress almost completely.I should try to bring at least some of them to WordPress platform ( let them bring the rest right ? ).

The reason for Malayalam Bloggers being attracted to Blogger, is the “Transliteration” feature it has. I do not know how to enable this feature for WordPress. But, there should be some solution . I should find someone who is good with PHP who can make a plugin ( may be ? ) . Please leave a comment if you are someone, or if you know someone.

I need to make a “to do list” of things that I am going to do. Planning makes things easy right ? hmm well planning alone won’t make things easy. Don’t you think so ?

My Malayalam Blogging Experience.

I know I don’t have enough experience in Malayalam blogging to actually get in to writing a review about it. These are my random thoughts on writing in Malayalam or few notes on what I am doing there.

(1) I am still trying to learn to type in good Manglish that Blogger will understand, in order to transliterate it in to Malayalam words.

(2) I do not know how Google will index blogs in Mayalam or any language other than English. I am still at zero on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) in Indic languages including Malayalam.

(3) 99% of Malayalam blogs are on ( or blogspot ) and there are only very few people who actually try it with or

(4) There is a good community of Malayalam bloggers.

(5) There is lot of serious blogging happening. They are discussing politics,history,international issues,poetry,culture.. and lot of serious topics.

(6) Malayalam blogging community is trying everything possible to get more people in to Malayalam blogging.

(7) Most of the Malayalam blogs are 100% in Malayalam.

(8) I am yet to see someone who is trying to make money through blogging.

(9) I need to personally ask Malayalam bloggers if they are satisfied with what they get on

(10) I will try to bring them to WordPress.

Possible Theme change

Yes, that’s right. There may be a theme change soon.

I am waiting for the pbulic release of a new theme. It’s again a designer’s favorite theme, which he was using on his own blog. I think, I will be trying that on my blog, since it looks pretty much attractive.

Why ?

I have got a few feedbacks about this theme. This one looks dull, or colors are not good, header is not right…

What you think ?

What do you think about the current theme ? What are the good features of this theme ? What are the drawbacks ? Do you think it’s good to change the theme ?

Questions Questions Questions !!!

WordPress Blogs in Malayalam

WordPress is my favorite blogging platform and it will remain so, always. However, there is some kind of “soft corner” being formed towards Blogger.

Reason ? …. I found lot of Malayalam blogs on Blogger. Blogger makes it easy to write and publish in Malayalam and few other Indic languages. There is a good community being formed around these Malayalam blogs on Blogger. I did try this Malayalam typing, and found really really easy.

The Malayali Blogging community, is trying hard to Malayalam Blogs popular. I am trying to find information on how to blog in Malayalam using wordpress. I would like to document it, at one place. If you have some information about WordPressing in Indic languages, or some plugins that you know about, please drop me a comment here

So far, I have managed to post using copy n paste method. I found one plugin too, which is not working here ( may be because its not compatible with the latest wordpress version. ) I will keep you guys updated !!

How to write Malayalam for WordPress

As I said earlier, we do not have something similar to what has. For now, you can either use, to create the blog content and then paste it to your WordPress blog editor.

If you do not want to use Blogger to type in Malayalam, you can use Google Transliteration to write in Malayalam and then paste it to WordPress.

Where to Look for Malayalam WordPress Blogs

1 Malayalam Page

Thank you Reliance Mobile !!

Update : They changed the plan, new price is Rs.999 per month, for unlimited STD to reliance mobiles.

I have two mobilesReliance Mobile has launched a new plan, for both postpaid and prepaid customers. Free Unlimited STD calls to any Reliance mobile in India

I have two cell phones now : why ?

I keep recharging my Vodafone prepaid phone to make STD calls or rather STD “Call” (you know what it means right?).
It’s something that gives trouble to my monthly budget. Now, here is Reliance with it’s new plan : Free STD that too Unlimited !!. So, the very next day, I bought a new reliance connection with LG handset ( which was the cheapest model). I have no doubt, this is the best plan for me. The handset + connection costs almost close to what I spend every month for mobile recharge.

Thank you Reliance !! Continue reading