Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday to you, My love.

You know how things were for last few days and I am sure you understand the situation. I could have made your Birthday much more beautiful…. but …. for this time…. sorry …

I love you.

PS: For all my friends here. My cousin brother met with an accident and is in ICU for past 2 days with internal bleeding in the brain. His condition was really serious. As of now, he started breathing without the Ventilator and is improving fast. He is just 10 years old. Pray for him.

update : 6/6/08 – ICU days are over. It lasted for 11 days. He is improving but not conscious yet.

update : 13/6/08 – He is conscious now, and no memory loss, he can remember most of the things… good improvement.. thanks a lot for your prayers

update : 18/6/2008 – He is back from the hospital !!! thank you all for your prayers… is almost normal now.. should comptely ok soon