Learning Online Journalism

Yes, I am trying to learn online Journalism. I am looking for a few blogs for my feed reader. Do you have any suggestions ? Do you know any part time courses ?

As of now, I have added copyblogger.com and Online Journalism Blog to my feed reader. But I need a few more good blogs. If you know any good blog about online journalism, or bogs of Journalists, please drop me a comment.

Personal blogs of Journalists, will be a good set for reading right ? My blogging these days, is more about reading blogs. Even though I am not posting enough, I am reading a lot of blogs these days. Posting should eventually pick up.


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  1. am not sure if these will help, but you can read Prem Panicker’s blog. He’s one of the founder member of Rediff and he does link up to a whole lot of news and stuff. Also Amit Varma of India Uncut is good


  2. Cant help but will wish you all the best for following your heart.

  3. @ Philip

    Thanks.. will check them out :)

    @ s4n705h

    Thanks buddy :)

  4. hey! why you keep changing your blog address? I lost your blog for a while. You should start writing and submitting your journalistic articles to publishers. That is the best way to begin.

  5. Heyyyyyyyy
    Gr8 theme buddy :) :) :)

  6. I came upon ur blog by chance, and I loved that tagline – the journalistwannabe. Hope u get to do what u want to do most!!


  7. Hi!

    You can visit my blog and see if any of my posts interest you.


  8. @ Aspiring Journalist

    Sure :)

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