Update : They changed the plan, new price is Rs.999 per month, for unlimited STD to reliance mobiles.

I have two mobilesReliance Mobile has launched a new plan, for both postpaid and prepaid customers. Free Unlimited STD calls to any Reliance mobile in India

I have two cell phones now : why ?

I keep recharging my Vodafone prepaid phone to make STD calls or rather STD “Call” (you know what it means right?).
It’s something that gives trouble to my monthly budget. Now, here is Reliance with it’s new plan : Free STD that too Unlimited !!. So, the very next day, I bought a new reliance connection with LG handset ( which was the cheapest model). I have no doubt, this is the best plan for me. The handset + connection costs almost close to what I spend every month for mobile recharge.

Thank you Reliance !!

Yes, a big thank you to Reliance, now, my phone bill will be under Rs.500, and I can talk 24 hours ( if I have time …lol)
Now it’s time to plan what I can do with the amount that I save !!. I remember how they made cell phones popular with their monsoon offer ( I think that was the name of the campaign ), where you get cell phone + connection for Rs.500 and the rest EMI. Now, here is something similar. As far as I know, Reliance phones with this offer is getting good response, especially in Banglore.

Now, its your turn, if you have STD buddies.