Stealing, Threat, Abuse – against a blogger

Here is a news from the Malayalam blogging community, and it is no more an issue of Malayalam Bloggers alone. I am not writing a long post about the issue because you have a lot to read at the pages linked to.

See the first email from the blogger :

You have copied from malayalam blogs and
placed it on your website.

These links show the copied stories and poems from Malayalam blogs. You have no right to do so. You have ads all over your website. You cannot put ads on copied content. This issue will be reported to your hosting service and to google.

And the reply ? here is a sample.

May be I might dont know how to reply properly, however it’s none of your business since you are another malayali thinks world is under your neath.. Just get rid of all the ego’s and come down to earth.. may be your parents didnt teach you to respect other and get respect.. I am too nice based on your character.. You are Nothing, just another FOB.. So Do NOT think you are on top of me or us.. Rule your husband or familly.. DO NOT TRY TO RULE THE WORLD…

Read the entire Story in Malayalam or in English


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  1. What the hell!..i cant even believe my eyes.. reading the whole thing..such kinda ppl behind a leading website, surely this nt a prob of just malayali bloggers alone

  2. @ Rekha….

    yep.. absolutely right ….. please share the news with more people :)

  3. I saw that all the malayali bloggers have posted this. Many of their contents were copied to kerals
    Everyone got the same kinda reply for kerals. Outrageous !

  4. @ xylene

    Yes….. their replies are really awesome. 😛

  5. @dinsan
    Ahaha..u say itz awesome..thtz really bad of u to say that :EVIL:

  6. @ Rekha

    I was referring to the quality of Language.. words and phrases… sorry for the confusion.. and otherwise its truely “EVIL” I agree

  7. There is no way one can control plagiarism on the internet.. its way too easy to copy paste. And yes too easy to place ads as well (credit:google)

  8. @ Balu

    Okay, what about those emails they sent ? and the language that they used to abuse her ?

  9. LOL ya too easy t threaten as well! I am not siding with them just being indifferent thats all. :-)

  10. @ Balu.

    I understand :) but you should see how many times, how many emails … there is a limit for patience and indifference too right ?

  11. LOL fully agree but glad to see that someone sensible got back in the end! I think the issue was not of copying content it was just an issue of rascism

  12. —–Original Message—–
    From: ** Sathya ** []
    Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 2:08 AM
    To:;; SimplyMalayalees.Com
    Subject: Re: Attn AJAY BAKSHI

    Hi Sharman,

    Hope you are doing great.. Didnt went the entire mail.. I thought all these issues has been resolved last week.. I dont think there is any open issues with Inji Pennu or any one else.. Shiva recived a formal negative write up from us.. He will be terminated if we found any such kind of activities…

    Inji Penu,

    Let me know if you see any kind of activities from him..


  13. I read the entire thing at inji’s blog. I was so shicked. I admire Inji for her guts.

  14. @ Poonam

    Yes …….. it has become a big issue ………

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