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Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis ? ….. Ok, I know… that is what you are going to ask me…. right ? Okay, it is a WordPress theme … or rather,    a premium ( paid ) wordpress theme. If it was a free theme …. you know me very well right ? ( if you do not know … I keep changing my themes .. I change whenever I find a good theme ).

See what it’s author says

I built the Thesis Theme because I wanted a framework that had it all—killer typography, a dynamically resizable layout, intelligent code, airtight optimization, and tons of flexibility. Now, after months of field testing, I’m confident enough to offer it to those of you who have come to expect nothing but the finest themes from me.

I have used Chris’s themes earlier and I have been following thesis right from it’s launch. Now, I am planning to purchase it !!.  What you think ?. If you guys say Yes .. I will consider spending my first Google Adsense payment on this.

The style of thesis may not be impressive but it is really easy to edit it and customize the style. Also , it’s SEO value is amazing. I contacted a few guys who purchased this theme and they are really satisfied with it; especially the support.

So .. what you think ?


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  1. coool theme dude……………it really has a very good look
    How does these themes actually help in SEO………….

  2. You indeed are evolved on themes !!

  3. Like the new Look of ur Blog.
    Perfect for a wannabe journalist.

  4. I just love this theme, buddy! :)


  5. lol so u earn with adsense…nice :)

  6. @ Arvind

    If you look at the index page of wordpress script, its just a single line .. ie, everything related to display is done using a theme … now there is something called “on site SEO” . which is done at the coding, link structure, etc of a website.. here at wordpress, this is done using themes.. so a theme can be seo friendly or otherwise … hope you got it now :)

    @ Kavi

    Yea yea yea !!! you are knew here … you will get to know me soon 😉

    @ Rahul

    Thank you :)


    and the other one is better right ? thesis ?


    I said my “first” adsense payment .. so nothing so far…

  7. awww…. even I wanna buy it now… who knows? I mite just end up doing it.. Incase u r planning to do the same.. lemme know a first hand user account.. wouldya.. :)

  8. @ Muswicalchaos

    Yea sure.. :) if you are planning to buy it.. use my affiliate link hi hi .. and yea, you should purchase hosting first.. right ? I have another affiliate link to Dreamhost LOL I am going to be rich 😀

  9. Beh, I love THIS… It’s very nice! 😉

    have a great day… Hug

  10. @ Smallstar

    hmmm :(

  11. Hey, I like the other one, too. Only that I prefer this one! 😀

    *waiting for a your smile*

  12. I agree that this theme just rocks big time..!
    I was planning to get a single user license… (i might soon 😉 )

  13. @ Joel

    I have an affiliate link 😀

  14. super nice theme. you kind nice ones. good. :)

  15. mistake. i meant find and not kind.

  16. Have a great week… :)

    *HUGS* and *KISSES*

  17. I am good. Thanks for the concern..

  18. @ Hasit

    Thanks )

    @ Smallstar

    Thank you :)

    @ s4n705h

    Glad to know that dear :)

  19. @Dinu: LOL… I have it too 😀 😉

  20. @ Joel

    aha !! but you can’t purchase clicking on your own affiliate link right ? 😉

  21. No actually I’m buying it for my friend… 😀

  22. @ Joel

    Cooooool 😛 you are going to get some $25 right ?

  23. LOL… don’t know how much it is… 😕

  24. @ Joel

    its 33% and the theme costs $87 ( single user )

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