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  1. The problem is that we cannot backup other files like images using this method.

  2. @ Niyaz

    That’s right … I always keep my images on flickr or some other location, and then link here … I learned this lesson when I changed my domain first.. all my images were gone .. now, whatever happens, I get images back

  3. cool, there was somesite which will convert our blog into pdf. Any idea which one?

  4. lol thanks for the info…backing up now :) actually i used to use the show all post option when i was in blogger and copy everything …but i didn’t how to do it in WP :)

  5. Well, useful for newbies.. well written :)

  6. @ Joel

    Thanks :) I wrote it for newbies 😛 not for techies like u buddy :)

  7. Hey! Damn cool!! Thanks for sharing!! Will do it right away!!

  8. @ Priya

    Glad to know that you liked it :)

  9. Thanks ,
    very useful for a newbie like me.

    P.S. Blogrolled u.

  10. thanks buddy, i needed this.

  11. @ Rahul

    Thanks + Welcome

    @ Philip

    np :)

  12. I like the font in this new theme. This is good one, stick to it. And yes, I too think it is important to subscribe to your own feeds, just in case.

  13. @ Poonam

    Thanks .. and yes, I am going to stick with this one and may be I will move to an upgraded version of this theme …. not sure ..

  14. wow …so i can actually have an back up..
    thats great thanks…

  15. I might be wrong since I am not that technically sound….

    hmm….yes, I was wrong…


  16. @ Anshul

    Is it about the rss feed comment I left on your blog ?

  17. Naah…I have fixed that, there was a typo in the feed url. This was something related to this post only….then I realized that what I was thinking was also wrong :) or somewhat impossible.

  18. Also, I forgot to thank you for reporting that feed thingy + I also forgot to put some smiley in the first comment… 😉

  19. @ Anshul

    Cool :)
    and u r welcome buddy :) and yea special thanks for the :) :) :) s

  20. Yeah… :), you are welcome too…

  21. Good for newbies, but I think when I read WP FAQ first, they ha warned us that its not the way to backup everything and it puts too much load on server if people start using it madly. But still its useful :)

  22. @ Suda

    Can you send me the link ?
    I always use this way to backup and I could restore it easily .. hmmm is there any other way to backup on wordpress.com ?

  23. I found a way to backup and import *blogroll* from one blog to another or just backup. May be you already know this.
    go to http://yourblog.wordpress.com/wp-links-opml.php where *yourblog* is your own blog URL.

    For example in dinu’s case, his blogroll can be exported as OPML file using link http://www.offlineblog.net/wp-links-opml.php

    P.S> Dinu, if you think this is a useful tip and people are gonna miss this comment being on old post, you can add it in your TIPS as usual, all people eagerly read them :)

  24. This is the FAQ entry I was talking about. Sorry for late reply, I am using Airtel GPRS and you can imagine the speed.
    I am using HTTRACK Website Copier from ages and its really effective. I think I will write a post/tutorial for it soon. It won’t help in moving data to new site but its the best way we can backup a website i.e. downloading it as it is to local machine. 😀

    Also that PDF conversion site is superb, it converts page with all images included. Not the page as it looks though, it takes just content in PDF but its worth the trouble.

    See ya. I will come back later in evening to check your reply, now going, bye.

  25. @ Suda

    Sure .. will do :)

  26. @ Suda

    I read the FAQ .. they are asking you not to do this because of 2 reasons.

    1: It uses a lot of server resources … hmm think about a few guys on the same server doing this process at the server time and crashing the server with other hundreds of blogs on it ..
    2: They have their own backups …

    :) and they are right on the first one.. but for the second one, my thought is .. it is always good to have your own backup :)

  27. Hey,
    Thanks for the info! I’m going to do it right now.. =]

  28. @ Anjali

    :) cool .. glad to know that

  29. Use wordpress automatic upgrade http://techie-buzz.com/wordpress-plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade-12-release.html

    Good one for newbies who are worried about upgrading wordpress. Can be used for back up as well.

  30. @ Shoban

    I don’t believe in auto upload .. I use the option in the control panel to upgrade, or do manual upgrade… hmm yea, good for laZy bugs 😉

  31. @ Chirax

    ha !! so bringing this post to homepage makes difference 😀
    u r welcome my friend :)

  32. I do the HTTRACK Website Copier too for backing up my blogs. Will look into the PDF link you have given.

  33. @ Apar

    will try that :) thanks for the info

  34. Dinu,

    Hosting Images in Other sites, i think not good, I think such images not indexed in Google. Am i correct ?.

  35. @ Anish K.S

    not sure … but still, SEO wise, its not so good .. :)

  36. Some times i am using pages.googles.com for image hosting. :)

  37. Wouldn’t it be great to backup a wordpress.com blog in three steps automatically?
    Of, course it would :-)

    I wrote a small perl script to do it. Here is the post: http://unixwayoflife.wordpress.com/2008/11/08/automated-wordpress-com-backup/

  38. thank you so much dinu! u r a life saver! am new to blogging n was worring about just this thing n here i find a solution at ur blog!

    thankoo!!! 😀

    got here from ur comment on my blog :)

    Crafty Shines’s last blog post..Blogging at snail’s pace

  39. This is one of my fav posts from your blog. THis was helpful.

    Btw are you on a republishing spree?

    Poonam’s last blog post..Win Prizes at The MovieManiax Awards

  40. Simple but effective

    kinclong2’s last blog post..Forgiving yourself

  41. thnx for the information

  42. I did try using the Import and Export feature but the request times out while in the process (the timeout is also a problem during upgrades).

    For a backup and restore, I typically get a copy of the MySQL database and the content files from WordPress. Works every time!

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