Do you remember this post ?. Yes, a few days ago, I was asking you guys about possibility of introducing blogging in schools. Now, go ahead and read this article. If you are too lazy to click on that link, well, read this …

If the recommendations made in the national policy on use of technology in Indian schools go through, blogging could become huge in India.

This draft policy, still under discussion, says – “Blogs are powerful tools to support creative writing that can be published and shared not only with the teacher but also with peers and the world, alike.”

When I wrote that post, I got a comment from Kenney, asking me if I can join him in something similar. The idea is to help colleges to build blogs for their students. They can have students’ blogs, take newsletters to an online blog version, and publish announcements etc … there are lot of possibilities.

I know a professor who is interested in blogging and some web 2.0, in my college ( College Website is not opening on firefox for unknown reasons ). So, I called him up and discussed this and we ( Kenny and me ) will have a meeting with him soon. I am planning to contact our principal, and another professor also, who manages college newsletters ( both are my friends … lucky me )

I am not sure yet, if they are going to agree with the plan and give a green signal. I will update you all for sure.

PS: I did not receive any questions in response to my post about self hosted blogs. :(  I was planning to write a single post with answers. Now, I  have decided to write a series of posts about the same. First one will be, about registering a domain name. Stay tuned.