Blogging in Schools ?

Do you remember this post ?. Yes, a few days ago, I was asking you guys about possibility of introducing blogging in schools. Now, go ahead and read this article. If you are too lazy to click on that link, well, read this …

If the recommendations made in the national policy on use of technology in Indian schools go through, blogging could become huge in India.

This draft policy, still under discussion, says – “Blogs are powerful tools to support creative writing that can be published and shared not only with the teacher but also with peers and the world, alike.”

When I wrote that post, I got a comment from Kenney, asking me if I can join him in something similar. The idea is to help colleges to build blogs for their students. They can have students’ blogs, take newsletters to an online blog version, and publish announcements etc … there are lot of possibilities.

I know a professor who is interested in blogging and some web 2.0, in my college ( College Website is not opening on firefox for unknown reasons ). So, I called him up and discussed this and we ( Kenny and me ) will have a meeting with him soon. I am planning to contact our principal, and another professor also, who manages college newsletters ( both are my friends … lucky me )

I am not sure yet, if they are going to agree with the plan and give a green signal. I will update you all for sure.

PS: I did not receive any questions in response to my post about self hosted blogs. :(  I was planning to write a single post with answers. Now, I  have decided to write a series of posts about the same. First one will be, about registering a domain name. Stay tuned.


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  1. hey thats cool. Blogging will indeed become a hit among students. After all its all about creativity, out of the box thinking and new thinking.
    It will be a great platform for the students to share ideas and .. homework. :)

  2. Sure go ahead and write that post about self hosted wordpress domains…… I am all ears. (or all eyes).

  3. looking forward to the series…hmm…i tried getting a few of my frnds into blogging either they are too dumb or dont have time…

  4. Blogs for schools and collges area good idea but way too many issues. What if students start complaining of faculty on the site management’s not gonna be happy for ure and if teh blog is monitored by teachers, it kills purpose of the blog.
    As far as collges go it is okay to have a blog for alumni purpose but again, maintaining them is a big issues. I can tell from my personal experience.. it was so irritating (participation level) that i gave up eventually

  5. am talking of alumni blog I created for of my college

  6. Ya this should be included in colleges…. also I guess the India govt is planning to give away laptops to students in college for just $10.

    Read this:

    I hope they make this come true..!

  7. @ xylene

    I am not that optimistic … blogging .. huge hit in schools .. we should wait and watch … there are lot of possibilities.. but I have seen how computer education is done at some schools … my neighbor’s boy came to me with his computer text book.. I asked him if tried anything on the computer, he said he got to touch that it only two times this year 😀 howz that ? computer education without even touching computer ?

    and thanks for the support .. let me know if you want me to include something :)

    @ Balu

    We should see some students at least starting personal blogs and writing about their schools 😉 that’s what going to happen in such a situation … well, I am happy with that too 😉

    @ Vishesh

    You are interested but you never posted any questions buddy 😛 if you have some, post a comment or email me ok ? :)

    @ Joel

    Ho $10 for a laptop ? hmmm that’s going to be something “huge” do you have any specs or images of this thing ? and yea, thanks for the link .. I have posted my comment there :)

  8. Well, I donno.

    Firstly, I would NEVER want my Principal to land up on my blog! The thought scares me!

    Blogging in schools would bring in so many issues. The teachers should first be taught how to educate the students. Then children may consider blogging as an option.

    When you say blogging, I was wondering what kind of bloggign you were talking about ?? Blogging at what level ??

    As Xylene says, it’ll be a great platform to share homework! But whats the use of it ultimately ?

  9. @ Priya

    Hmmm rebel is here 😛

    Just as it has lot of possibilities, it can make lot of troubles too ..agreed :)
    If you ask me what’s the use of blogging … I don’t have answers ..

  10. I really hope this plan will see the light of day. But history so far suggests that some kid will write something bad about his school or his teacher or about one of the fellow students – and that will be the end of the plan.

    I hope I am wrong.

  11. @ Binny V A

    Yes, let us hope that that won’t happen this time, at least to blogging ….

  12. I like the idea of blogging in schools. Kids today are tech savvy, they can easily make good use of this platform for learning.

  13. @ Poonam

    Yes, and they don’t need to be techies only, bookies, poets and everyone can blog 😉

  14. BLogs in school thats a great idea…but how many students would be ready..
    blogging is the most boring thind in the world for non bloggers ..
    my freinds sayme this all the time..
    i am sure 90 pecent students wouldnot be interested.. :)
    as balu said problems will arise if they start wrting about their managements. 😛

  15. @ Arvind

    Hmm but things will change if they think about giving some extra marks for blogging 😉 so there will be competition 😛

  16. Even though I agree with you that it’s a great idea and it can really enhance creative writing skills but I tend to agree with Priya too. I wouldn’t want someone I know to end up on my blog. It depends on why you’re blogging really. If you’re expressing your emotions about your personal life and it involves people from real life, you’d rather not have the people read that, you know.

    It depends on how it’s implemented and in what way.

  17. @ Ish

    Yep, it depends on how it is implemented.. and yes, linking it to what you said… when they implement it, what the purpose is defined to be .. or what are the directions as to subjects that can be included etc.. well .. it’s a complicated subject

  18. If blogging was rife during our schooldays, we would have blogged about the hots we had for all our teachers, the affairs going on between the teachers themselves and lotsa other gossip.

    i wish this catches up so that we can read some juicy gossip soon 😀

  19. @ Philip

    Gossippppppppppppppppp yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa good point Philip !!!!

  20. Whats the use of blogging for school students ?!! I mean, don’t consider us, the extra-talented teenagers…ahem….

    Still…its fine when they want to do it on their own…introducing in schools would mean like making them blog about wave optics and nitrogen compunds !!

  21. Why doesn’t my Avtaar show up ?? :(

  22. @ Priya

    LOL but you know what, those who are interested in optics and nitrogen compounds will still blog about them 😉

    about avtar, you will need to register it here too you have the option to keep it same as your avtar

  23. Blogging in *yawn*
    not at all interested !!
    i dont want teachers to teach me how to blog 😛

  24. @ Rekha

    but I think you can teach teachers how to blog ..

  25. i am, i guess, the youngest blogger amongst the people i know. i started blogging when i was 14 and now i am 15 and i am still blogging.

  26. @ Hasit

    Vowww cool :)

  27. it’s a bit weird that none of my friends or even the people i know blog. none at all. and when i tell them, a few idiots even get impressed and i take pride. hehe.

  28. @ Hasit

    Sweet :) you will be a star when they introduce blogging in schools 😉

  29. @ Hasit
    You dont need to take all the other credits!! i started blogging when i was 14 !! n now im 16

  30. @HAsit
    ** i mean all the credits!

    I registered in Gravatar n still my image is nt coming!! :(

  31. @ Rekha

    Hasit, hmm that’s a lie .. she is 49 I know 😀

    I marked yours a spam 😛

  32. Hey! Even I started when I was 14 !! I was on Blogger, thats all !!

    So you both, need not take all the credits !! 😉 😛

  33. @ Priya, Rekha & Hasit

    Post exact dates when you started blogging here … let us see who started earlier …

  34. You mean I blog about Optics and N compunds coz I’m interested in them ? 😮

  35. Duh! It’ll obviously be me coz I’m 17 now…elder than both of them !

  36. @ Priya

    hi hi .. I meant, those who are interested in it .. or crazy about it

  37. @ Priya

    Now your avtar is showing … it will work on all self hosted wordpress blogs too ( if avtar is enabled ) if you are not able to see it yet, try shift+F5 few times and access again

  38. i meant, i am the youngest blogger here. so, i take the credit. hehe

  39. Blogging can become such a big tool in education !! A huge tool. Our teachers and educators need to pick it up too !!

    If corporates can have blogs, why not educational institutions ?

  40. @ Hasit

    Good Good :)


    Good Questions .. If corporates can have blogs, why not educational institutions ?

    @ Shivanand

    Thank u :)

  41. Hi! How are you? *HUGS*

  42. @ Smalstar

    doing good :) thanks

  43. Glad to know it!!! :) 😀

  44. @ Hasit

    Thanks .. :)

  45. Many Happy Tuesday’s hugs for you! 😀

  46. Hi. How are ya? Happy Wednesday to youuuuu… :) 😀

    btw, I haven’t still said you that I LOVE UR AVATAR!! 😉 very great!

  47. ya. it matches with season too.

  48. Thursday’s hugs are coming to you!! :)

  49. Hey, why are you not writing more? You are not even seen around for few days? All ok?

  50. @ Poonam

    Been busy … going home . coming back .. have something going on.. secret .. will tell ya 😉

  51. secrets 😉
    i have been wondering about the same! i thought something serious is gng on !

  52. @ Rekha

    I was in Kodungallur yesterday .. the entire day :) near your office 😀 😀 hmm guess what’s happening

  53. Near my office 😀
    Malabar gold? City ? theatre 😛 ? LIC office ?bus stand ?
    im sure thersnt any mental hospital over there 😀

  54. @ Rekha

    hmmm mental hospital is there @ Azhikode itself 😉 no need to come to your office… none of the above 😛

  55. Ha ! u have one at azhikode also! one at kakkand at ur workplace , n one at azhikode nearby ur home!! 😛 😛

  56. Thanks for your article, Now there is more reason to comment than ever before! This is a great fir for our project!

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