My New Girlfriend !!!

Oh Yes !!  I have a new girl friend ………………………… surprise …. surprise …..

Here she is …..

Apple iPode Shuffle 2 GB.

she comes to office with me … sleeps with me ( sssh !! ) but the sweetest of all  that she does… she can sing for hours !!!


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  1. i was close,i thought it was an i phone 😉

  2. how much did it cost u?

  3. @ Vishesh

    Yea, you may see it too .. soon .. if Vodafone has a good offer .. 😉

    @ Philip

    $74 +$5 tax .. my friend bought this from the US. Bangalore, its Rs 3600 for 2GB

  4. Shuffle has no display! :-( But it’s iPod nevertheless! 😛

    Someday I’ll buy an iPod too… when I have the money! 😉

    Hey what’s the color of yours?

  5. @ Hari Shanker R

    Welcome to My Blog

    Shuffle has no display .. but it sooooooooo easy to carry … just store your favorite songs so that you don’t have to pick one .. shuffle it .. and then Dhoom Machale !!!

    and mine is silver color … I had asked him to get red.. but it was out of stock .. silver was my girl’s choice

  6. cool man. congrats. I use mine when I go out for jogging. Its small and sleek.
    Well I cant remember the last time I jogged ! :(

  7. @ Xylene

    hi hi .. I am planning to go for jogging just because I got this iPod now 😛

  8. Looks great.
    Recently I bought one too.
    Have not yet tried it…. Too lazy me…

  9. I am thinking about jogging for months now. The climate is hear is pretty cool and I can’t just getup from my bed these days. :(

  10. @ Niyaz

    Welcome to My Blog

    Hmmm what’s the problem re ? It takes just few minutes to set it up … as long as you have iTunes installed… iTunes is over 50MB… or so..

  11. @ Xylene

    Hmmm .. I am planning .. but it may remain as plan always ..

  12. @ dinu:
    There’s no need for the ‘welcome’. I’ve commented here before! 😛

    Check out the sheer increase in your commentators, once I commented. That too on the same day! B-)

  13. @ Hari Shanker R

    Ohh … sorry .. anyway, I have subscribed for your blog now .. 😉 will start commenting there very often now … and why don’t you use wordpress ?

    Yea …. see the numbers increasing

  14. hahaha… i was thinking you are talking about a girl, but i am wrong :p
    iPod is a really great music gadget, it can play song for hours, but i am not a music-addict, i cant stand to put it on my ears for that long, i still prefer my old radio in my family living room, my grandpa loves it so much, so do i.. :)
    nice blog! please visit and comment to my blog. k3ep in touch guys..

  15. @ Woody green

    Thanks for the comment and visit ……..

    Yes, it’s simply great .. hmm I am a music addict… :) and I can keep it on my ears all day .. 😉

  16. dinu, i have subscribed to this blog, your blog is very cool! i think i need some favor from you. i just starting my blog last sunday, and i still nothing in blogging. dinu, how is the way to make me know who are recently visit or commenting my blog. you have it in here, so you could answer as that soon, please be my guru and teach me well, i am a good pupil :)
    and please support my blog, thank you so much.
    ps: now i am using my mobile phone :)

  17. @ woody green

    LOL I am not an expert here .. and yea.. I stay online most of the times and keep checking my mail .. hmm you will get an email when someone posts comment on your blog .. right ?

    I will send you an email in the eve :)

  18. but you are experienced in blogging, you have owned this blog since 2005 :) btw i am an indonesian, i am sorry if i cant write in a proper english, i am still learning :) thanks for visiting my blog, you are really nice :)
    dinu ,how is the way to make the recent comments appear on your blog, i think i need that one to track any visitor in my blog, maybe they left a comment on my older post, i dont have time to check it one by one,would u help me?

  19. Hmm better you go to to and add your blog from there … it will give you stats..

    but.. the most beautiful blogging platform is wordpress… simply go to and sign up for a blog :) and you can transfer all your content there … with 3 or 4 clicks 😉 after you sign up, let me know, and I will help you out

    btw, your English is good … :) don’t worry

  20. but i think i like to keep my recent blog, i have not been thinking about make another blog. is it okay? i like to have the same conversation like this appears in my blog, i need to know the way to know that they commented my blog and i can talk with them by my blog when they still around. thanks 4 everything, i have to take a bath now, and my battery needs a charge now :) s3e you later dinu!
    best regards,
    woody green :)
    ps: its 6.20 pm here..

  21. @ woody green

    As you wish :) .. will send u an email later

  22. Ha congrats again! :)
    well it was like u wanted an ipod more than a bike …u have said something like dat rite..!!!
    hmm cool one! ur quite excited dude! :) ..nice to c that anyways …
    ha n the rain is back n ur girl under koda pic is also back 😉

  23. @ Rekha

    Yea yea… my under kuda photo is backkkkkkkkkkkk 😀 😀 Yea, I wanted a laptop and an iPod before the bike .. but no one agreed :(

  24. @dinu
    y my avatar is nt displayed here…i can see one for Xylene n u ..where is mine!!

  25. May be you are using a different email address ?
    or, create an account here it will work as a global avtar

  26. Awww… So sweet! 😀
    Does she mind sharing!? hehehe! 😀

  27. @ Nikhil

    I do mind 😛

  28. Congratulations !!! Apple of the i !!

  29. Congratulations!!
    ipod is one of the best things ever made. i have been using it for 2 years now and i so love it. i say u should have bought the 8 gb or higher. i have storind songs in my 2 gg ipod i find the space is too less. dont you?

  30. @ Hasit

    But I prefer the smalllllllll one the shuffle .. we get maximum of 2GB in that model … :)

  31. Well that’s a nice and a handy one..! Congratz on the purchase.. :)

  32. @ Joel

    Thanks ….

  33. Congratulations for your ipod, but tell me how do you manage to change so many colours?

  34. @ Poonam

    change so many colors ? I just have one … silver color .. I lifted this photo from 😉

  35. hmm..i was expecting similar kind of answer, but wanted to be sure. :)

  36. @ Poonam

    Yea, I’ll buy all those colors if u can send me some $$ 😛

  37. she might one day stop singing :p

  38. @ T

    Nooooooooooooo Don’t say that :(

  39. congrats!! :-) and as usual.. girl friends with different colours??

  40. @ Shoban

    Thanks 😛 yea girl friends can change colors

  41. @Dinu – Congrax! Is she getting cranky after few days? or is she still better ..err..i mean in terms of singing for ya! :)

  42. @ RJ

    Thanks :) no issues yet. .

  43. dumbo……… don change ur girlfriends like these shades of iphone……coz the one real GF u have is real sweet one……….. 😉

  44. @ Nymisha

    hi hi hi .. she is ok with this 😉 actually she selected the color for my new girlfriend 😀

  45. Thanks Nymish…. Atleast u are there to tell that…….

    :) sweet of u……

  46. Wow! so many comments! Became so popular?

  47. @ Pnithya

    Hmm no re 😛

  48. Awesome…you have so many colors.. my iPOD is CLASSIC BLACK and 30 gigs so bit heavy….
    but i love thepink case I have got for it….
    Yaay…..but yeah I too cant work without my iPOD

  49. @ Fruity

    I don’t have so many colors.. only one :(

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