WordPress Theme Directory : Now Live !!

After releasing WordPress 2.6 one month ahead of the schedule, here is another cool new update from WordPress. A theme directory, where you can browse, rate, preview and download themes from. ( Please note that this is only for self hosted WordPress Blogs. )

Why is it important ?


It is important because there is nothing of this sort available elsewhere. Its important because, we really need something like this on WordPress.

There are thousands of WordPress themes available. Theme developers have their own download sites, preview blogs and rating options. Even though themes.wordpress.net is there, it is not functional at the moment.

How does it Work ?

It work similar to the WordPress Plugins directory. Here is how to get your theme listed.

Once you upload your new theme we do a few automated checks for some of the requirements for each theme. If we find one that you missed we’ll provide you an error and description of what needs to be fixed. When a theme upload has been accepted we’ll send you an email and put it in the queue to be reviewed, to make sure we didn’t miss anything. After the theme has been approved you’ll get another email letting you know that the theme is now live.

So, next time you are in need of a new theme for WordPress, you know where to go !!


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  1. Most designers don’t host their themes there because most of their designs get sponsors and add links onto the footer and this is something WordPress has ruled out.

    This is similar to that of http://themes.wordpress.net/ which failed to be popular as the rule was applied. And the same applies here too… I don’t think this would be successful either!

    As of now there are 16 (and counting) themes hosted. Lets see whether the number shoots up or not! Will have to wait and watch.

  2. @ Joel

    Hmm that’s true .. but theme.wordpress.net failed also because it was not user friendly and had lot of coding issues.. but this looks like a better system …

    but, lets wait and see 😀

  3. so we can use it,just like that? No upgrades needed?

  4. @ Vishesh

    I did not understand your question :(

  5. see for wordpress,we can choose only a few themes…( i mean for us who use wordpress blogs)…and if we want to do any changes we need to buy upgrades…thats what i was asking…i checked it out…we cat just like borrow the themes :)

  6. @ Vishesh

    As of now .. NO :)
    But, as far as I know, they are planning to start a theme market place, where you can buy themes for wordpress blogs .. again, I am not sure if they are going to include wordpress.com users also there

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