After releasing WordPress 2.6 one month ahead of the schedule, here is another cool new update from WordPress. A theme directory, where you can browse, rate, preview and download themes from. ( Please note that this is only for self hosted WordPress Blogs. )

Why is it important ?


It is important because there is nothing of this sort available elsewhere. Its important because, we really need something like this on WordPress.

There are thousands of WordPress themes available. Theme developers have their own download sites, preview blogs and rating options. Even though is there, it is not functional at the moment.

How does it Work ?

It work similar to the WordPress Plugins directory. Here is how to get your theme listed.

Once you upload your new theme we do a few automated checks for some of the requirements for each theme. If we find one that you missed we’ll provide you an error and description of what needs to be fixed. When a theme upload has been accepted we’ll send you an email and put it in the queue to be reviewed, to make sure we didn’t miss anything. After the theme has been approved you’ll get another email letting you know that the theme is now live.

So, next time you are in need of a new theme for WordPress, you know where to go !!