Palakkad on a Cell Phone Cam

Palakkad is a district in Kerala, which is green green and green. It’s 135km away from where I am now ( Cochin ). I visited my roomie’s village last Sunday. It was a fun drive on the bike and yea…… in the heavy rain.

I don’t have a digi cam yet. These pics are from my roomie’ 2.0 MP Cell Phone Cam. Is it really worth to spend few thousands on a digicam with little photographic skills ?.

PS: Thanks to Ruhii.

Happy Independence Day


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  1. Kerala in itself is a nice green lush and beautiful place. Sad that the commies have screwed up such a beautiful place.

    Happy Independence Day

  2. wow, its beautiful, i have been there many times. :)
    Happy Independence day !

    Get a camera….u dont need any skills these days to get good pictures…

  3. @ Philip

    I am waiting for next assembly elections .. what they hell are they going to tell us to convince us ? they screwed up everything Happy Independence Day

    @ Xylene

    Thanks .. Cam is on the waiting list as of now :)

  4. lol 135 kns in a bike?WOW!

    jai hind 😉

  5. @ Vishesh

    Yes, and we finished it in 2.30 hours, early morning trip 5.30 to 8 am 😉
    when I returned, another route, crappy road and driving alone .. took close to 3.30 hours

  6. Happy Independence day to you

    Jai Hind Jai bharat

  7. @ Priya Joyce

    Thanks :) n welcome

  8. Ah the green Kerala how much I miss that place! :-(
    This is the est time of the year to visit Wayanad.. man its soo beautiful there (quite dangerous too)

  9. @ Balu

    Yes.. right after the rain .. its sooooooooooooooooo green :)

  10. ha! its nt just green n green at palakad only ,everywhere!..that water fall pic is too good man ! loved it! i have passed through palakad on the way to coimbatoore only .. :( ..i really wish to travel all those greeny greeny parts of kerala , i mean the inner areas 😉

    hmm bike ride in the rain ..make me jelaous 😛
    Vande mataram! :)

  11. @ Rekha

    It’s not a waterfall re !! its just some water flowing from the field to the river nearby.

    hmm it was really, “inner” part.. field next to his house … dint have time to travel more .. will go there again after I get a cam.. 😉 will take you with me then LOL

    vande mataram !!

  12. So it worked for you :) So cool! Happy Independence Day! I want to visit Kerala so bad…since a long time. You;re so lucky.

  13. @ Ruhi

    Yep !!! thanks :) .. and yea, lucky enough to spend almost 23 years of my life here :)

  14. Umm…cool pics…Looks like an interesting place..and btw the waterfall is awesome..Very BIG.. 😛 😉

    And Happy Independence Day to you too :)

  15. @ Joel

    Thanks :) its more interesting than what you see here …. 2.0 MP mobile phone cam has it’s own limitations right ?

  16. I went to Munnar last year and it was the most beautiful hill station I have ever seen. Lush Green and sparkling. I just can’t get over it!!!! Kerela is indeed very green and God’s own land.
    Happy independence Day to you too!!

  17. Hey! Cool pics man! Happy Independence Day to you too! :)

  18. awesome…
    i have heard pallakkad is a wonderful place..
    you could have taken the pics of hills surrounding it..
    western ghats :)
    my friends live there
    happy independence day.. :)

  19. Wonderful Pics :)
    Its my dream to visit kerala someday :)

  20. @ Amit

    Yes .. Munnar is great .. have seen photos .. yet to visit that beauty :) should get a cam before I go there 😉

    @ Nikhil

    Thanks man :)

    @ Arvind

    hmmm taking photos of hills and trees there with that cellphone cam was not practical .. 😉 will get u more pics after I buy a cam :)

    @ Rahul

    Thanks.. you are welcome here … be sure to call me when u reach here :

  21. belated HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…..i kno its late to wish, i was out of town!…
    .i cant believe u got that much clarity with ur mobile cam…i like tht 2nd and 5th pic!

  22. @ Ninu

    Thanks… :)
    hmm not mine .. it’s my friend’s cam … :)

  23. Very beautiful pics! :) I like them…


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