Palakkad on a Cell Phone Cam

Palakkad is a district in Kerala, which is green green and green. It’s 135km away from where I am now ( Cochin ). I visited my roomie’s village last Sunday. It was a fun drive on the bike and yea…… in the heavy rain.

I don’t have a digi cam yet. These pics are from my roomie’ 2.0 MP Cell Phone Cam. Is it really worth to spend few thousands on a digicam with little photographic skills ?.

PS: Thanks to Ruhii.

Happy Independence Day

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  • Kerala in itself is a nice green lush and beautiful place. Sad that the commies have screwed up such a beautiful place.

    Happy Independence Day

  • wow, its beautiful, i have been there many times. :)
    Happy Independence day !

    Get a camera….u dont need any skills these days to get good pictures…

  • @ Philip

    I am waiting for next assembly elections .. what they hell are they going to tell us to convince us ? they screwed up everything Happy Independence Day

    @ Xylene

    Thanks .. Cam is on the waiting list as of now :)

  • lol 135 kns in a bike?WOW!

    jai hind ;)

  • @ Vishesh

    Yes, and we finished it in 2.30 hours, early morning trip 5.30 to 8 am ;)
    when I returned, another route, crappy road and driving alone .. took close to 3.30 hours

  • Happy Independence day to you

    Jai Hind Jai bharat

  • @ Priya Joyce

    Thanks :) n welcome

  • Ah the green Kerala how much I miss that place! :-(
    This is the est time of the year to visit Wayanad.. man its soo beautiful there (quite dangerous too)

  • @ Balu

    Yes.. right after the rain .. its sooooooooooooooooo green :)

  • ha! its nt just green n green at palakad only ,everywhere!..that water fall pic is too good man ! loved it! i have passed through palakad on the way to coimbatoore only .. :( ..i really wish to travel all those greeny greeny parts of kerala , i mean the inner areas ;)

    hmm bike ride in the rain ..make me jelaous :P
    Vande mataram! :)

  • @ Rekha

    It’s not a waterfall re !! its just some water flowing from the field to the river nearby.

    hmm it was really, “inner” part.. field next to his house … dint have time to travel more .. will go there again after I get a cam.. ;) will take you with me then LOL

    vande mataram !!

  • So it worked for you :) So cool! Happy Independence Day! I want to visit Kerala so bad…since a long time. You;re so lucky.

  • @ Ruhi

    Yep !!! thanks :) .. and yea, lucky enough to spend almost 23 years of my life here :)

  • Umm…cool pics…Looks like an interesting place..and btw the waterfall is awesome..Very BIG.. :P ;)

    And Happy Independence Day to you too :)

  • @ Joel

    Thanks :) its more interesting than what you see here …. 2.0 MP mobile phone cam has it’s own limitations right ?

  • I went to Munnar last year and it was the most beautiful hill station I have ever seen. Lush Green and sparkling. I just can’t get over it!!!! Kerela is indeed very green and God’s own land.
    Happy independence Day to you too!!

  • Hey! Cool pics man! Happy Independence Day to you too! :)

  • awesome…
    i have heard pallakkad is a wonderful place..
    you could have taken the pics of hills surrounding it..
    western ghats :)
    my friends live there
    happy independence day.. :)

  • Wonderful Pics :)
    Its my dream to visit kerala someday :)

  • @ Amit

    Yes .. Munnar is great .. have seen photos .. yet to visit that beauty :) should get a cam before I go there ;)

    @ Nikhil

    Thanks man :)

    @ Arvind

    hmmm taking photos of hills and trees there with that cellphone cam was not practical .. ;) will get u more pics after I buy a cam :)

    @ Rahul

    Thanks.. you are welcome here … be sure to call me when u reach here :

  • Ninu

    belated HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…..i kno its late to wish, i was out of town!…
    .i cant believe u got that much clarity with ur mobile cam…i like tht 2nd and 5th pic!

  • @ Ninu

    Thanks… :)
    hmm not mine .. it’s my friend’s cam … :)

  • Very beautiful pics! :) I like them…