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  1. Awww– thank you! :)

    The code for the custom font can be found here:

    Instructions for installation on WordPress are here:

  2. @ Amy Mahon

    thanks for sharing :) will check them out for sure :)

  3. Dude, will you belive if I tell you I too like sites with just enough image than a image filled site :)

    @Amy : Great site design

  4. @ Chirax

    yea yea …. I can understand it looking at the theme that you are using :) hard to believe since you are really good with designing ..

    ps : looking at the pace at which you comment on each of my blog posts, I am considering the idea of email subscription for important blogs :)

  5. I have already subscribed to you, but that comes after I have already commented on the blog.

  6. congratz ..300 posts :O
    thats cool ..
    i am stuck at 180 odd :(

  7. @ Chirax

    yea… crazy 😀

    @ arvind

    thank you :)

  8. You can go for the ‘simple’ look – like in my blog. Theme: plain text.

  9. :( poor wordpress free users like me sigh

  10. @ Binny V A

    hmm sandbox themes are good, but they are too simple :( and not so unique

    @ Xylene

    hmmm you are getting everything free .. right ? so you are “lucky” users not “poor”

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