If you are wondering why “wordpress 2.7″, yes, it’s time for another wordpress upgrade. WordPress 2.7 is on its way with loads of features including automatic upgrade, sticky posts ( which wordpress.com users already have ) etc ….

With this update, wordpress will boost the use of “child themes” in wordpress design and development. With more power added to the child themes feature, you will see more child themes coming out in near future.  So, what is a child theme in wordpress, is copyblogger theme using it already ?

What is a Child Theme

Child themes modify an existing theme, in such a way that the design of the theme is modified as specified in the child theme’s css, leaving everything else un tounched. So you have theme “A” and you create a child theme “B”. In theme “B”‘s css, you change the background color, So, theme b = theme a minus background color.

Justin Tadlock puts it this way.

A child theme can be as simple as a highly-customized stylesheet to offering extra widgets, new page templates, or loads of other things.

Justin is using child themes with his Options theme, and other themes on the ThemeHybrid.com project. You can’t ignore Justin’s contribution in making child themes popular; so check them out !! . And yes, if you no about other theme developers who is using child themes, do let me know.

Thord Daniel Hedengren ( who redesigned blogherald.com recently ) has announced that he will be using this feature on his upcoming “Notes Blog WordPress theme” If you need more information about how Child themes work, read this extremely helpful article.

Child Themes and The Copyblogger Theme.

Chris made it simple for users to customize his copyblogger theme by putting a file called “custom.css” where you can make style modifications without hurting the basic structure of the theme. He put every important css parameters in to the original style.css and asked users to edit custom.css to make changes like font color and backgrounds etc.

So, the basic idea of using “Child Themes” is followed here. I find this really interesting because Chris introduced the copy blogger theme in May 2007. Even though I have no idea when child themes were introduced to WordPress, I consider Chris’ move a brilliant one.

It’s going to be really easy for copyblogger theme users to understand and adapt the idea of child themes, and I am proud to be one of them.