David Pogue: simplicity sells

David Pogue is the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times. Each week, he contributes a print column, an online column and an online video. His daily blog, “Pogue’s Posts,” is the Times’s most popular blog.David is also an Emmy award-winning tech correspondent for CBS News and a frequent guest on NPR’s “Morning Edition.” His trademark comic tech videos appear each Thursday morning on CNBC.


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  1. Ahha…have seen this, loved it, specially the songs where he rips Bill gate and Steve jobs.

  2. @ Chirag Chamoli

    Yes, I loved this one :)

  3. I didnt know this ! Thanks ! Super cool !


  4. How are you, darling? I hope well…
    *HUGE HUG* and *BIG KISS*

  5. @ Smallstar

    I am doing good thank you :)

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