Malayalam Fonts and Google Chrome

UPDATE : FIXED issue. For on Google Chrome, you can install THIS FONT After you install this font, refresh the browser and it should work.

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When I tried Google Chrome browser for Malayalam websites, it worked fine. But, then I saw couple of comments about Malayalam font issues on Chrome.

Malayalam UTF fonts were working fine on Chrome, the issue was with To be frank, I am clueless here. Because, I never bothered about how’s malayalam page looked like on firefox or IE, and it never worked for me. I was using for news and blogspot, wordpress blogs using Malayalam utf fonts, and I never had any issues. Things were almost the same here with Chrome too.

So, I have two questions.

1. Do you have any issues with Google Chrome Malayalam fonts ? Is it only or, just anything written in Malayalam ?

2. Do you know how to fix this issue ?

If you have answer for any of these questions, or another question related to this, drop me a comment here or email me hello at

As far as I know, if you were able to browse Malayalam websites using firefox, you should not have any problem with Chrome also.

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  1. Coming here after a looong time… and your template is SUPERB!!!!!!

    1. Manorama is still using ASCII fonts and that is why you weren’t able to view it normally. If a site is using ASCII font means, you will have to install that specific ASCII font, the site used.
    Mathrubhumi uses Unicode, so you can read it with ANY Unicode font. In Firefox, the problem of using different ASCII fonts for different sites can be installed by using an add-on called padma.

    2. I haven’t installed Chrome in my computer, as they haven’t released one for GNU/Linux yet. But I have seen it running in my friends computer and my Malayalam blog was rendered perfectly.

    3. As for ASCII font based sites, like Manorama, Keralakaumudi and Deshabhimani, I think you will have to install all the fonts manually when you are using Chrome else use Firefox with padma

    4. Google Chrome sucks big time, thank god (chumma! I don’t believe in it/him/her) that Google has this non-branded community supported Chromium browser.

  2. I have installed Chrome yesterday. It works well for Mathrubhumi and Madhyamam (i think it is better than firefox). But Manaoram didn;t load properly. I installed the Manorama font, that didnt make any difference. Manorama is using dynamic fonts as far as I know. So, I dont know why it is not rendered properly in Chrome

  3. Dude, I’ve got Win XP and I downloaded Chrome, and when I tried installing, it says it doesn’t support this version of Windows!! Any clues?? :D
    Help, please!

  4. @ pR@tz

    thanks a lot for explaining it again here :) more informative than the post itself :) I am also waiting for the linux version to use it @ work .. but started using it on my laptop anyway ..

    @ praveen

    did you try clearing cache ?

    @ JoE

    cool buddy :)

    @ Nikhil

    will look for it .. :) not sure now..

    @ xylene

    yea yea, I know.. just in case of fonts man, otherwise, they are good, what you think ?

  5. I had problems in accessing the site when I was using a dialup…. years back… since then no big issues but for the links… some doesnt work.. also have you noticed their link addresses????
    ABDOJOS/(@*(#?/JSDIOS/ and it goes on. why???????

  6. @ xylene

    hi hi , I know.. they make it tough to save images from their website, but I found an alternative to steal images from their gallery ;)

  7. @ Chirag Chamoli

    hi hi, will let you all know … :P
    but, not silent actually … 3 drafts, ( almost finished ) 3 more in .doc format on my laptop .. and one scheduled post.. am I silent ?

  8. yes me also feel the problem but not for manoramaonline or other malayalam web cyte i cannot type in malayalam font in blogger and orkut u know how to fix it for manorama online you can get the font format from manorama cyte it self and ur system should be xp/vista

  9. After installing the “Manorama.ttf”, i can read in the Google Chrome.


    Sunny Delhi

  10. madhyamam font not support my system, manorama no problem
    madhyama paper on online malayalam and some other language mixinng , every title to read go view menu and encoding select user defined its working malayalam font , but next news select it will come back old shape can you pls help me

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      Did you restart your computer after installing the font ? Try that, and it should work fine :)
      let me know if you need help

      for more details about google chrome, visit

  11. @ anjali

    I couldn’t find anything written on Malayalam script on, its all images with malayalam letters… where exactly is the problem ?

    please post your questions on for help from the community

  12. I wish to know how to instal Manorama (ttf) font into my Nokia 5800 Xpress mobile phone. At present, I am able to access the site but the Malayalam font is not displayed and in place of that, only junk characters and sqares are appearing. How to rectify this? I have searched for the steps to instal their font but to no avail. I also tried messaging MM to 55555 but I have’nt got any response yet. I tried many times. If anyone has any idea as to how to instal this font into the Nokia handset? I have downloaded this font and this Manorama.ttf font file is with me. I wish to know how to instal the same into the Nokia mobile phone.
    Thanks in advance to the valuable suggestion.

  13. Hai,
    Here iam telling about manorama reading problems. now some guy have problem to read malayalam after installing the manorama.ttf font, after installing this font please try to zoom the window by pressing ctrl++. then your problem while be solved

  14. I am using chrome on my lap top windows 7. Office 2007

    And on Desk top Windows XP home Sp 3 -Office 2003

    Anjali old lipi on Desk top only – font nothing installed specially for lap top. I am unable to see chillaksharangal on Desk top .

    But on Lap top nothing wrong all can be read fine

    why is it

  15. I am using Google Chrome and not able to read the Malayalam fonts. Is there any common font with whose installation I can view any Malayalam sites properly? Or which font should I use to read the Malayalam written in blogs and stuffs like that??


  16. @philip

    In Xp u need to install support for complex script and East asian languges from control panel->regional & language options->languages . (insert xp boot cd )


  17. i can’t read malayalam properly ..can u plesase help me …how i can download malayalam fonts

  18. while developing a site using malayalam fonts (Aswathi, karthika,) spaces appears in the matter when displaying in browsers. How can solve this problem. Also, some letter (eg.NDA) is not displayed in internet exploer and mozilla . is there any solutions for these 2 problems

  19. Anybody please send me the good malayalam fonts link for my Nokia N73 mobile. Also give me instructions, how to install it in my mobile. Thanks & regards…..

  20. hello any one there to help me

    i have a system with windows 64 bit and i could not be able to instale google language malayalam version

    pls help me yaaarrrrrr

  21. I am facing a problem while reading the Manorama Online. When we enter the site , we can see and read the TOP HEADINGS…but am not able to read the news clearly. The rest fonts are appeared like COLUMS…I had download JAVA.But still the problem is exsisting. Kindly give me a solution for the same. I am using GOOGLE CROME.

  22. in my google chrome, i cant read malayalam fonts in as well as face book.

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