UPDATE : FIXED Manoramaonline.com issue. For manoramaonline.com on Google Chrome, you can install THIS FONT After you install this font, refresh the browser and it should work.

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When I tried Google Chrome browser for Malayalam websites, it worked fine. But, then I saw couple of comments about Malayalam font issues on Chrome.

Malayalam UTF fonts were working fine on Chrome, the issue was with manoramaonline.com. To be frank, I am clueless here. Because, I never bothered about how manoramaonline.com’s malayalam page looked like on firefox or IE, and it never worked for me. I was using mathrubhumi.com for news and blogspot, wordpress blogs using Malayalam utf fonts, and I never had any issues. Things were almost the same here with Chrome too.

So, I have two questions.

1. Do you have any issues with Google Chrome Malayalam fonts ? Is it manoramaonline.com only or, just anything written in Malayalam ?

2. Do you know how to fix this issue ?

If you have answer for any of these questions, or another question related to this, drop me a comment here or email me hello at offlineblog.net

As far as I know, if you were able to browse Malayalam websites using firefox, you should not have any problem with Chrome also.