Theme Update API in WordPress 2.7

What is WordPress Theme Update API ?

WordPress Theme update API is a service which will provide automatic notification about theme upgrades on wordpress  dashboard.

Suppose you are using the copyblogger theme, and its author Chris publishes a new update to the theme, Theme Update API will give you a notification about the new version, alerting you to download and upgrade your theme. ( In future, automatic upgrade also will be possible, in the same we use for plugins now.)

When will it be available.

WordPress Theme Update API feature will be available with next upgrade, ie to wordpress 2.7.0. After you upgrade your wordpress installation, check the “Design” tab, and it will tell you if there is any update available for the themes you have uploaded to your wp-content/themes folder.

How does it work ?

“A list of all themes installed in sent to WP. Checks against the  WordPress server at Will only check if PHP has fsockopen enabled and WordPress isn’t installing.”

Will update you all when more information is available !!


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  1. Dude this is prety cool, but do we have choice to roll back. That is what is required as most of the time we need the previous version than the current, change is hard thing to accept.

  2. @ Chirax

    interesting question, but I think manual update will be the only way to go back to old version :) not with API

  3. Hey I got an idea for your theme!!!!
    Header is cool. Now you just need to spill coffee (or tea) on your blog here and there. Got the point? patches of coffee as background of page which is currently Gray!!!

  4. @ Suda

    that means more clutter + time taken to load the page up … image as background will take a lot of time to load :(

    but, I agree, its a good idea

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