What theme are you ?

You guys know that I am crazy about blog design and themes etc, but I am not a designer.

I realize, that blog designing is not just about colors and header images but lot of other things, including information architecture and user experience.

I do follow a lot of blogs by wordpress designers. I enjoy reading about their experiences and experiments ; I get to learn a bit about blog layouts, blog architecture and blog designing ( at least I know these terms.right? )

I get enough inspiration from them, especially when I read something like this.

“You might find this difficult to believe…
But 2 years ago I didn’t own my domain name, had never touched a piece of WordPress code and knew nothing about blog design. In other words, everything I’ve done with WordPress and blog design in the past year has been self taught, using trial and error.”

So, it’s possible to learn wordpress designing and coding if you want to. But I was too lazy to try it out myself. Still, after following their blogs for few months, and trying different themes almost on a daily basis, I have learned enough to judge a wordpress theme, even though I can not design a theme on my own.

I realize ….

WordPress is not just a blogging software, it can be a community management tool, a CMS, a Magazine, and even a shopping cart.

There are great premium themes, but you will see free themes which look better than many of the  so called “premium themes”

Now, few blogs that I follow.

Justin Tadlock
Gisele Jaquenod
Pro Blog Design
Brian Gardner
Copyblogger Theme
Smashing Magazine
Thesis Theme for WordPress
Web Designer Wall

Do you have any suggestion ? Any blogger/blog that I need to add to this list ? a good theme that you want me to try ?

PS: An announcement. We have a new header image for “Blog of Small Things” Thanks a lot Dynamic Disruption


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  1. Dinu, you remind me of one of my favorite quote from Steve Jobs :

    Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

  2. @ Chirag Chamoli

    hey, thats a nice quote man :) and yea, you really deserve that 😛

  3. I like your customization of Thesis here. Very sharp! I’m in the same position as you – I know a fair amount about web design, but I’m happy to use tools that let me get the job done, without being a “real” designer.

  4. @ Patrick K. O’Brien

    welcome and thanks for your comment :)
    this is not the thesis theme.. this is copyblogger ……….
    yep, I enjoy modifying theme than creating one lol ..

  5. hmm..i need to learn a lot once i get my domain ..

    ur header rocks… :)

  6. @ arvind

    Yes, all the best … get it soon man 😉
    thanks and that goes to the designer

  7. @dinu

    Whoops! My mistake. No wonder your site had a familiar look, yet seemed different from Thesis out-of-the-box. I should have recognized it as CopyBlogger. :-)

  8. @ Patrick K. O’Brien

    lol I win I win … if I was able to make a confusion like it… and still you liked the design, I win this redesign thing :) and big thanks to my brilliant designer 😛 who did header image for me

  9. I’m glad you enjoy my blog! I’d recommend adding David Airey’s blog to the list. He’s a really talented logo designer! :)

  10. @ Michael Martin

    thanks a lot for visit & comment !!!!! will definitely check that out :)

  11. Sweetie! I did my first blog design 1 year ago!! So go figure!!!!
    Thanks so much for listing me!!

  12. @ Gis

    no problem :) its very simple .. I loved your designs.. so I spread the news :) and yes, thanks for the link :)

  13. I just felt so inspireeed I had to write something about it!!!

  14. @ Gis

    cool !! :) glad to be …

  15. Hey Dinu! Of all the links you’ve posted, I liked Gisele Jaquenod. I simply loved the free blogger themes posted there.
    Your new header image is good. I like the image at the bottom of the blog better. (the coffee mug, scribble note, pencil, key and all that…). I feel that would totally rock as your header image!

  16. I don’t have a domain yet, but I got the CSS upgrade recently. So, all the changes which you see on my blog are done by me. :)
    Yes, its a trial and error method, but after sometime you start getting the flow. Its fun.

  17. @ Priya

    Gisele Jaquenod will be really happy 😛
    I tried this footer image as my header, but dint look good as it does as footer .. so changed it …

    @ amit

    I saw the change :) looks good, actually very good for a beginner. Will keep watching it .. best of luck !!!

  18. I too love this theme redesigning thing like you do!! And this love gave me opportunity to design a internal website for my company. I used wordpress and customized a theme so much that you wont believe its wordpress anymore, it looks like a corporate website.
    But making a personal theme is more difficult that corporate website.
    Cool list. Everyone is really amazing :)

    p.s> Cool Header man!! Suits well!!

  19. @ Suda

    hoo cool 😛 you should get selfhosted or css upgrade man, would love to see your work :)

    and the header credit goes too …. Chirag Chamoli :) he is da man

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