Copyblogger theme again, customized.

So, here is another customization of copyblogger theme , but who did it ? hmmm well, I did it …. or, rather, it just happened when I was playing with css and colors. Just have a look and tell me if you liked it. ( Click on the image to zoom in !! )

copyblogger black

copyblogger black

If any of you guys wants to use it, let me know, I can send you the theme, eventhough it is not ready for a public release. So, if someone wants to use it, I can make few more changes needed, and then send the zip file.


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  1. nice one ..specially the background ..but the sidebar and the main post area doesn’t go very well ..

    and yeah i like this header very much ,,

  2. @ arvind

    thanks :)

    hmm, is it the color that doesn’t go very well ? or something else ? color can be changed really easy, so no worries there ..

  3. I kinda liked the older header image better. But still – looks good.

  4. the green one ? this theme has rotating header image, I can bring that one too 😉

  5. Which is better ?? CSS theme (WP) or HTML ones (Blogger??)
    I found some really cool html themes. But they can’t be used in WP.
    So I chucked the idea of getting a domain.

  6. @ Priya

    WordPress and CSS rocks !! Don’t leave the idea of getting a domain just because of that, because, you can do almost everything with css on wordpress

    blogger is using css itself, but little modified, I guess, will search for more info and let you know, but one thing is sure … wordpress is the best one,

  7. Love this theme :) Great find. You seem to be a fan of Chris Pearson!

  8. @ Ruhi

    lol, yea, I have become a fan of him .. 😀

  9. Great work! I think the last time I visit your blog is last last last last month and you have a new design here again in your blog. :)

  10. @ Hussein

    thanks :)

    yep, I keep changing theme 😀

  11. I like the customized Copyblogger you have… Would love to try it? Can you send me?



  12. Btw, my email – ashwin dot chandrasekaran at gmail dot com

  13. @ Ashwin

    sure :) I will send this to you :)

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