Is 3 better than 2 ?

Is 3 better than 2 ? hmm confused ? I am talking about wordpress themes. Is 3 column theme better than 2 column theme or the other way around ?

You know that I am playing with copyblogger theme these days …..  and I am asking myself, is 3 column or 2 column, the better layout ?

I don’t have an answer yet, but I know that I love 3 column layouts. ( I was looking for 3 column version of the copyblogger theme, and finally found it here )

You are familiar with this question, aren’t you ? I am sure you are !!  Sometimes, it is tough for us to take a decision on, this simple thing…

People with long blogrolls, always prefer the 3 column layout, and there is another group, filling their second sidebar with links ( oh yea, wit images, my friend ) to websites and organizations they support. Ruhi has ( had ? ) the habit of updating her sidebar almost every day !!  ( hmm does she blog every day ? )

But for someone like me, updating sidebar, is not so easy, because I am lazy !! ….. well I am simply lazy guys  !! Don’t hate me for not adding you to blogroll, now you know why … right ?

I know you were confused about sidebars, 2 or 3 , left or right … there was no one to listen to your worries. Don’t worry, now I am here, tell me , are you confused about this like me ?  ( I can just listen to you, ok ? don’t expect answers !! )


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  1. hey is started reading dis with no sign of confusion n now u have confused me 😛

    i love 3 column themes ! :)

  2. @ Rekha

    hahah I win !!!

  3. Dude the thing is it really depends on the content, which should decides your column numbers. If you have a lot of multimedia content and images and multimedia etc then 3 column makes sense.

    But if essentially you are writing articles then you can do with just two columns one content one for navigation.

    As for the blog roll I saw that problem long ago and created a separate page for all my fav blogs. Hope this helps.

  4. I like two columns cuz I want more space for my post. I wanted to use a stretch theme but it caused problems for readers who have 14 inch screen. I want to shift my blogroll to a whole new page but it will require lot of effort. So plan postponed.

  5. well ,i would prefer a 3 column theme. .
    but it should have a good look…not any 3 column wordpress only digg is a good one

  6. I like 3 column themes to 2 column ones, mainly because more widgets are visible without having to scroll down. On one side I can have badges of causes or ads and on the pother side I can have blogrol/ twitter feed etc. Works for me. I don’t expect readers to scroll down as I don’t do it myself most cases

  7. @ chirag

    // it really depends on the content // exactly :) and the taste of the reader/blogger right ?

    putting the blogroll on a page is good from SEO point of view also :) guess why ?

    @ Reema

    there is an easy way to do that buddy …. will send you an email now :)

    @ arvind

    good good .. everyone says, they like 3 column, but if you check their blog, they are using 2 column theme .. except you :)

    @ balu

    two sidebars = less scroll … point noted .. that was a good one balu :)

  8. Looks like your eternal search for “the perfect theme” has still not ended :) I’m fine with 2 or 3..anything’s OK, as long as there is a lot of white.

  9. @ Ruhi

    LOL no .. :) its still on,

    welcome back !!

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