Waiting for WordPress 2.7

Guys !! I am super excited !! I just got to test wordpress 2.7 admin page, on a test blog, here. What should I say, Its just amazing !!!

If you have any complaint / confusion about wordpress admin dashboard, as it is now, this new version is going to make you happy, I swear !!

Its simple, elegant, organized, easy to use, voww what more you can ask for ?  Look at this image ( click to enlarge ) hmm lifted from here

See, I know you will ask this … is this going to be available on wordpress.com too ? yes, of course !! Now, if you are thinking that, wordpress.com users are poor souls with less options, think again …. you guys get latest features even before wordpress.org ( or self hosted ) wordpress blog users !!

Wait !! there is more … I no longer need to do anything to upgrade my wordpress installation, its just one click, from wordpress 2.7 dashboard, no download, no backing up … simple !!  I don’t need to download and install pluigins.. simple search for them, add it to my blog with a click  ( just like you install firefox addons )

So, this november,  is for WordPress !!


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  1. wow it looks awesome..
    so u are saying it will work for me too ??
    for free users ??

  2. @ arvind

    yes yes !! it will !!

  3. Dude Its good, to have you back :) , hope you are doing well.

    Hey other that the UI changes what more will we mortals @wp .com receive as new set of features?

  4. Dude!
    I’ve got to consider wordpress, blog.co.in is really weird!

  5. It really looks cool. Looking forward to it and thanks for the informative post.

  6. Hey thanks for the link!
    Meanwhile new dashboard looks good, hopefully it’s a little faster

  7. @ chirag

    yes and thanks !! I am back !! yep, there are more features.. did you notice the post on wordpress.com, the other day about the new dashboard ?

    @ Raghav

    WordPress.com or, self hosted ? which one is your choice ? and why did you choose blog.co.in ? ( I dont have any experience with them, that’s the reason for the question … hope they are running wordpress mu, just like wordpress.com

    @ Reema

    anytime !!

    @ Balu

    welcome balu :) yep, and you need only less clicks to access stuff around .. so, should be better !!

  8. thanks a lot bro for your information…

  9. For every good post you make, I am going to click on the revenue generating stuff you got in the side bar. :)

    I think, everyone should do it in blogosphere.

  10. @ bibeh

    you are welcome bro

    @ Anshul

    hmm no comments !!

  11. I’m so pumped about WordPress 2.7 it’s silly. My site (http://www.thisismyurl.com) has been using a category for sticky posts over the past couple of months but with 2.7 we can mark posts as sticky posts … I think I’m going to have to use the word skippy to describe my excitement level.

  12. @ Christopher Ross

    uhmm but I liked the structure, altogether .. easy access to features that we use a lot …. :) but, of course thanks for your honest opinion ..

  13. Dinu,

    I am a Newbie in WordPress, can we Upgrade the Latest versions ?.

  14. @ Anish K.S

    I don’t understand the question actually .. can u clarify ? upgrading is possible … on self hosted wordpress blog.. @ any time, if there is a new version available

  15. I mean from 2.6 to 2.7 upgrade is possible ?.

  16. @ Anish K.S

    Yes of course … how did you install it ? fantastico ? or manually ?

  17. Ok. Files uploaded through Filezilla.

  18. @ Anish K.S

    okay, then you will need to follow the same method. Backup your wordpress database, and other files and then upload the new script overwriting the existing files. Read more here


  19. Ok Dinu, thanks for the Support :)

  20. @ Anish K.S

    anytime :) email me if you ahve more questions

  21. Some bloggers say Word Press is better than Blogger…sometimes I wonder if I should switch to WP….this makes it sound even better.

  22. @ indianhomemaker

    wordpress is always better than blogger :) welcome to wordpress .. make the switch fast !!!

  23. @ indianhomemaker , Don’t compare WordPress with Blogger, its 100 times better than blogger.

  24. I tried getting a self hosted blog….its sucha pain!! so many things! so many procedures!! I’d rather get back to blogger o_O

  25. @ Anish K.S

    very true :)

    @ Priya

    hmmm, what was the issue ? do you need help ?

  26. Hi Priya,

    According to me wordpress is easier than blogger. WordPress is Much Userfiendly.

  27. Dinu, WordPress 2.7 Beta is ready

  28. @ Anish K.S

    been using it even before the beta :)

  29. When we get the Stable Version ?.

  30. @ Anish K.S

    mid of November

  31. Dinu, Thanks for the Info.

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