Waiting for WordPress 2.7

Guys !! I am super excited !! I just got to test wordpress 2.7 admin page, on a test blog, here. What should I say, Its just amazing !!!

If you have any complaint / confusion about wordpress admin dashboard, as it is now, this new version is going to make you happy, I swear !!

Its simple, elegant, organized, easy to use, voww what more you can ask for ?  Look at this image ( click to enlarge ) hmm lifted from here

See, I know you will ask this … is this going to be available on wordpress.com too ? yes, of course !! Now, if you are thinking that, wordpress.com users are poor souls with less options, think again …. you guys get latest features even before wordpress.org ( or self hosted ) wordpress blog users !!

Wait !! there is more … I no longer need to do anything to upgrade my wordpress installation, its just one click, from wordpress 2.7 dashboard, no download, no backing up … simple !!  I don’t need to download and install pluigins.. simple search for them, add it to my blog with a click  ( just like you install firefox addons )

So, this november,  is for WordPress !!

36 thoughts on “Waiting for WordPress 2.7”

  1. Dude Its good, to have you back :) , hope you are doing well.

    Hey other that the UI changes what more will we mortals @wp .com receive as new set of features?

  2. @ chirag

    yes and thanks !! I am back !! yep, there are more features.. did you notice the post on wordpress.com, the other day about the new dashboard ?

    @ Raghav

    WordPress.com or, self hosted ? which one is your choice ? and why did you choose blog.co.in ? ( I dont have any experience with them, that’s the reason for the question … hope they are running wordpress mu, just like wordpress.com

    @ Reema

    anytime !!

    @ Balu

    welcome balu :) yep, and you need only less clicks to access stuff around .. so, should be better !!

  3. For every good post you make, I am going to click on the revenue generating stuff you got in the side bar. :)

    I think, everyone should do it in blogosphere.

  4. @ Christopher Ross

    uhmm but I liked the structure, altogether .. easy access to features that we use a lot …. :) but, of course thanks for your honest opinion ..

  5. @ Anish K.S

    I don’t understand the question actually .. can u clarify ? upgrading is possible … on self hosted wordpress blog.. @ any time, if there is a new version available

  6. I tried getting a self hosted blog….its sucha pain!! so many things! so many procedures!! I’d rather get back to blogger o_O

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