I’m back !!

Hi there, I am back, and yes, a new theme …  and probably, you will see another theme here when wordpress 2.7 is out ok ? ( for those who are interested in wordpress 2.7 release, its almost done, and most probably, you will see it before december is here) This theme is one of the favorites, of many people here, I saw very good response when I tried this last time, so hopefully, you are okay with this.


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, about designing, especially the web 2.0 design which made me a fan of themes with more white space. It was a fun ride, reading ebooks, and blogs, about wordpress design and css etc, and I feel I haven’t learned even 1% of what is available out there !! . But one thing, I can assure you, for those who want to learn, there are lot of resources available, and the community is very very helpful !!. 

Now, I need to start reading all your new posts, kept unread on my google reader, see you there !!


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  1. Looks good – I like white space.

  2. @ Binny V A

    thanks :)

  3. hey welcome back. I was not around too 😀

  4. Welcome back!

  5. ha! thats nt fair for u to come back very soon !! 😛

  6. Ha ! is this a new theme ? looks like the old one

  7. Hi I like the new theme, it’s really simplistic. Minimalism is the way to go now days, there’s no time left in the schedule for clutter:)

  8. welcome back dude. .
    theme looks good ..
    the heqader looks great

  9. This one is good. Pretty neat!

  10. hey there mate,

    thnx for dropping by my blog and the warm welcome i really appreciate that. welcome back!


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