The Thief Lord

The Thief Lord (original German title: Herr der Diebe) is a 2000 children’s book by German author Cornelia Funke, whose books have been published in many other languages. It is available in English from Chicken House Publishing, Ltd. It was published in German in 2000 and translated into English by Oliver Latsch in 2002 for The Chicken House publishing company. It was also adapted into a film in 2006.

I’ve been telling you guys about my “readers block” right ? Okay, it’s not over yet, but yesterday, I managed to finish another book, The Thief Lord. When I was reading the book, I didn’t know that it had become a movie in 2006.  ( do you think I will stop reading the book and look for the dvd if I knew it ? ). But it was late when I realized that there is such a movie. I did not feel like stop reading the book to search for the dvd. I was driven by the suspense and engaging narration … I had to read it. So, if you are a fan of Harry Potter, Animated movies, and if Cartoon Network is in the list of your favourite TV channels, you must read this book.

Author has captured an  ambition that every child has,  grow faster, and become like their elders. They hate being treated as “kids” … “The Thief Lord” will take you through the adventures of a bunch of kids, most of them, who wants to do what elders to, and live like them ( and their ambition is to become good thieves !! ). There is another group of people, old men who wants to become young again, with magical powers of a mystical merry-go-round. Venice with it’s canals and boats, statues, and churches gives the perfect background for the story.

I loved the story, the language used, and the narration. You will not get bored, guaranteed.


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  1. will try to get my hands on it. BTW the above mentioned things are among the top ones in my list.

  2. I had never heard of this book “The Thief Lord” thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Thanks for the review and suspense. I would certainly bookmark it for my next read!

  4. Glad you got over the Readers Block, that just leaves me. :) Will try to the the ebook, as a lot of books are still in pipeline.

  5. Bravo! bravo! You finished the book! 😛
    I can smell a good book here.

  6. If you like books about kid’s thoughts, you should also like the book The Little Prince. Its a small book, you can also read it online but its good. :)

  7. I love this book. We read it for a book report last year; i finished it in one day! Absolutely an amazing book that seems like it could really happen (except for, well, you know), and is incredibly realistic. One of my favorites, for sure.

  8. please leave it so we can read it online

  9. Do you know of any websites to look up just to read the book on a certain chapter on The Thief Lord? I am very disapointed that I can’t find any websites that do. I do love this book so much , but it would be nice if I could look up something that I do not remember.

  10. I finished this book only today. Pretty cool book. Have any one of you have read any book from Artemis Fowl series? If not, you have to.
    Also, are there another book about Scipio the Thief Lord? I would really love to read another one. Plus, if you want to… You can read the “The Magic Thief; book 1. The Magic Thief; book 2. The Magic Thief; book 3.” They’re awesome too.

  11. I was just wondering around. But you seem very convinced about this Thief Lord. So he wanted ot become a thief? Well if he still wants it, he has to learn a little more, to beat me.

    Artemis Fowl II

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