The White Tiger

The White Tiger speaks about India, in a way no one else will. I said no one else will and not no one else can’t. I will tell you why. It’s because most of us can describe India as White Tiger does, but we will not.

We try to hide the India that is still filled with poor people and malnourished kids. We try to hide the India of religious tensions, economic and social divides. We love the India that shines, the next super power, and then we forget India in “the darkness”

Read The White Tiger, because he speaks for us, he speaks about what we love to hide inside us. It’s a secret that every Indian carry with him.

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The Readers Block !!

Seems like I am almost back on track, leaving the readers block behind …..  so, more suggestions please, more books please !!


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  1. Ha!congrats! u completed reading that book! 😛

  2. You stoked my need to read up…!!

  3. Another great read – gosh! I am way behind with the amount of reading that I need to catch on :)

  4. thats the next book i have decided to read …

  5. The thorn birds!!! Read it. Read it!!!

  6. Actually yes, I was surprised to see you write about a book. Because I remember how you lamented that you had not been reading. Keeping on reading more books!

    As for this book, I have not read it but know few things about it. This guy, Arvinda Adiga, got highest advance in publishing history (for a new writer) to write the book. This created a hype around teh books. Bbut when the book was published there were no buyers. So publishers did theit best to enter the book into contest. Book was fading out of memory due to no sales. Things changed when the book actually got a Booker. As they always do.

    • thanks for the info .. which sounds very strange to me .. anyways, its a good read … there is something new about the book .. and yes, one thing is sure, if you compare it with other books, which won the Booker Prize, this is not where, I would say ..

  7. Oh my gosh, an AWESOME book. I just finished reading it last week and it was a truly great read. Next on my list is A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz. : )

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