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WordPress themes, one of my favorite topics !! Okay, this time, I am writing a post to let you all know that I will soon be releasing a free wordpress theme. It will be a child theme based on the Cutline theme framework.

If you do not know what a Child theme is, Read the following.

Child Themes in WordPress 2.7, and Copyblogger theme

How to Make a Child Theme

Why I created a WordPress theme framework


The theme that I am going to release, is based on Chris Pearson’s Cutline theme, which you will be familiar with, since it is available on  Stay tuned for more information !! ( Btw, you all have seen this theme in action on my blog for quite sometime, so, it may not look fresh for some of you :) )

I can not forget my dear friends who always supported me and taught me a lot .. thank you all !! and I would like to mention three names, who encouraged me and asked me to start releasing themes… .  Chirag , Binny, and Mani Karthik.  thanks !!!


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  1. You seem to be doing some cutting edge stuff mate !! Hmm..would need to connect up with you…!

  2. Good luck Dinu..You seem to be a buji stuff..

    Good day

  3. Ayyo ! ayyo !Ayyo! Dinsan theme release cheyyan pokunneee….when is the party ? :)

    anyways Congrats :) … waiting for it :)

  4. Dinu

    Congrats, I’ll be sure to stay in touch… when do you plan on releasing the theme? Happy New Year! All the best in 09!


    • thank you :) … not sure about the date .. I am still working on it and there is a lot more to do .. I announced it so that I won’t forget it myself lol …

  5. Luking fwd to the new theme.

  6. Your own new theme???? 😯
    True blue techie!! 😛

  7. I’m always a fan of Chris’ work for its use of typography so I’m pretty excited to see another one using Cutline framework.

    Great idea, dinu. Keep us posted.


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