Windows 7 is coming, so is Linux

Windows 7 is coming soon, and I have seen good feedback about it, so far .. ( beta release ).  Its better than Vista, and they are correcting their mistakes. But, interesting thing is, Windows 7 looks almost similar to KDE 4, ( latest release ) which is a Linux desktop environment. 

With netbooks getting popular, Linux is taking another step forward, because  they make netbooks even cheaper, and flexible. 

Universities, Schools and even government departments are moving towards Linux, and there is a lot happening in the open source community ….   and something like this too .

Okay, that’s about something I’ve been reading about for the past few weeks…  and you will see more posts about them here ..  let me know if you would like to taste some open source software blogging :)


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  1. Cool. I hope they dont bring in newer issues with Windows 7.
    We have enough of them with vista :)

  2. I am using Ubunto on one of the Laptops, but dude people who are fimilar with windows can also go for TinyXp. I have a mod of TinyXp just so that I can do Photoshop and Office.

  3. I am still in love with Chrome. I find it much faster than IE and Mozilla.

    • good … actually, I really wanted to ask how many of you still use chrome .. 😀 you answered before I posted the question 😀 no worries ..

  4. I just realized that you are not talking about the Browsers but the OS! 😐
    Well, Vista was a nightmare. Hope its not repeated.

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