Is Blog Reading Really “Reading” ?

Is blog reading considered to be real ‘reading” ? I am not sure. I am in search of answers.

People say blogging is not complete without blog reading. It is important that you read many blogs if you want to be a good blogger. Blog reading and Blog writting together makes blogging perfect. But, is blog reading similar to normal reading ? Should I even make a distinction between online reading and offline reading ?

I was worried that I am not reading enough books these days.  Then I had to force myself to read more, which did show some  results. But, all this time I was reading loads of blogs too. So, was I actually reading  ? Was that true when I said, ” I am not reading” ? Because, I am reading a good amount of blog content every day.

Content is more important than the medium that it’s presented in. If you think that way, you are actually “reading”, when you read blogs. Oh !! that sounds cool… right ? I know many bloggers who are worried that they do not get time to read books. But, I think you guys are still reading a lot. May be you are not reading a novel or something of that sorts, but you still read loads of articles, blog entries etc right ?

But wait, what kind of blog entries ? That’s something we need to think about. Reading quality content online, is more important too, because web is a place where you get everything and anything to waste your own time. Look for interesting, informative, and inspiring articles and blogs, read them, blog them, and feel better !!


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  1. I like to read both books and blogs :)

    vishesh’s last blog post..The Angel Of God by Jyothi Menon – Book review

  2. @ Vishesh

    it’s good :) I sometimes end up reading only blogs LOL .. I had to comfort myself with something like this…

  3. I read alot man books, articles, blogs…. I have this feeling the more I read better will I be in processing stuff 😉

    Chirag’s last blog post..Create a Blogroll in One Click

  4. lol yea, keep reading, and that shows on your blog !!

  5. Well it depends what kind of blogs you read. There is a lot of fiction on blogs+a lot of serious stuff being written too (not ust rants like on my blog).
    I will say reading blogs are no different from reading a book just like checking news online is same as reading of a newspaper. The “feel” of a newspaper cannot be replicated online easily same applies to books-blogs.
    I subscribe to all kind of stuff in my reader (arnd 500+feeds updates on an avg) and I end up reading about 150 of them now that’s a lot!

    | Balu |’s last blog post..chupchap: @ruhi Oh yeah even I was wondering why they haven’t released yet… Need to get some techie to check their APIs =D

  6. @ Balu

    very true ! … we really read a lot these days … and 500 feeds on reader is simply awesome !!!

  7. Hmmmm for a hard core reader like me blog readig doesn’t qualify as reading…

    Blogs give good reading material for sure but then I can not equate them to books.

    But yes reading n writing are as u said an integral part of blogging per se. In fact I believe blogging is networking per se :-)

    Smita’s last blog post..How May I help you???

    • I am not in that situation yet, But I used to be .. still trying to reach there, but I will not leave blogging ( blog reading, that is ) behind ..

  8. As you say it is content that is more important than anything, not the medium. At the same time there is absolutely no harm in reading light stuff too. Don’t we all read light crappy novels too and enjoy them thoroughly? All reading cannot and should not be serious. There is another advantage of blog reading. You are not reading a sanitized edited and censored article like in a newspaper or a magazine. You are reading a free flow of thoughts of just that one person. And another thing. By reading a blog and commenting you are connecting with another human being. “Reading” in a the true sense has a disconnect with people, blogging connects you.

    Nita’s last blog post..Pune signboards (Puneri Patya)

    • very true .. when we start reading books, we step in to a new world, and we never meet the author, or connect to him .. but blogging is different .. well said !!!

  9. For me, I read blogs for entertainment. If I have to read serious stuff I will read the newspaper or books.

    Reema’s last blog post..More Things About Me and Best Post

  10. It’s a free country u c? Go ahead with wot u think is right as lng as its legal. lol.

    Anand. :-)

    Anand’s last blog post..Top 2 excuses by Call Center agents and how to smartly deal with them..

  11. I’d call it blog-hopping, but well, you can’t comment without reading something, right? I think it’s important! 😀

    Nikhil’s last blog post..Return Of The Yo-Yo: The Yellow School Bus :)

  12. You can count it as “reading”. It lacks the continuity of books but still it reading and helps for many things.

    Suda’s last blog post..Choices

  13. I’d say it’s all reading…newspapers, books, online news, blogs…
    One reads fr a lot of purposes…entertainment, news, knowledge, etc…
    Different types of blogs give you all this (mine’s total nonsense, which once a wile helps people boost up their self-confidence! 😀 ) Serious blogs give much food-for-thought, updates on world affairs…
    fiction-blogs are like a long-story-short version of a fiction novel :) You just get to the “last page” in like short of a 1000 words! :d

    Scorpria’s last blog post..recession and youngsters!

    • Yes, in short, it depends on how you look at it. The new generation has started accepting online reading too. Next generation will accept online reading primary … and may be they will blog someday like I did, asking if book reading can be considered as real reading …. !!

  14. I agree with Scorpria. Its just reading! :)
    And I do try to strike a balance as far as reading books and blogs go!

    amit’s last blog post..Monsters vs Aliens

  15. Reading quality material do helps u a lot in terms of knowledge n also increases the confidence level in u to start up something like bolg writing , writing articles etc.. read a lot n widen ur horizon of the immense stuff in life!!

  16. Excellent article,

    I think you are right that blog reading is not enough for us, we have to read some books for increasing our knowledge, and also reading books is a very good habit to have.

    Thanks for all the information.

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