Update: HP recently announced an Android Based TouchScreen Netbook named Compaq Air Life 100. Check it out here. the $35 Android tablet from India.

Live Android Logo

Live Android Logo

Update 2. Finally Android Live CD Downlod !! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Update : Android 2.3 Gingerbread for Your Laptop

Surprise !! you can now download Android Live ISO file, and test your skills on android OS ! Download it from this page. I will try this cd and let you all know about how it works ! Stay tuned !! and yes, you can follow them on twitter here

Update : It’s not Android, Google is building an Operating system, and that’s Google Chrome Operating System. Here is a blog for you to subcribe/bookmark and enjoy, everything about Google Chrome Tips.

I know this is too much to ask for now, but, still I am really interested to learn this. Installing Android on netbook/laptop that is.

It may take some more time before we actually see Android on Netbooks, and Laptops etc. But, there are some news here and there about people installing Android on their netbooks and nokia phones etc. I am still searching for an article that explains how to do this. ( if you guys know something of that kind, please leave a comment here )

I find tutorials on how to install Google Android SDK ( well it works only on Linux, or Apple’s OSX as of now !! ) but no luck on finding something about installing Android OS itself.