Ready for some action ? Okay, we are going to steal some comments for your blog posts from twitter. Don’t worry, they took our comments first, now we are stealing them back, so you will not be punished ( if you get caught, I don’t know you, ok ? )

Check out some blogs, with loads of twitter love. They get hundreds of RTs about theirs posts, and we envy their Tweetme counts. But most of these blog posts with 100+ tweets about them, do not get many comments. People tweet about them but ignore the comment form. But, they still love your those blog posts.



Some can live with that, but we can not. We love comments, and we feel so glad to see number of comments in our blog posts going up. So, twitter took our comments away, sad… but now, we can steal them back !

What is a Tweetbacks ?

Tweetback is similar to trackbacks on your blog comments. In a trackback, when someone links to your blog, wordpress identifies it as a comment, and adds to the list among other “normal” comments. We are doing the same thing, but instead of links, we look for tweets about our posts.

note : This is done using a plugin. So, if you are using hosted blog, sorry, you can not do this. But, may add this feature later, who knows !

This is very simple because we have two plugins to do our job. Yes, we are outsourcing “stealing” job. Nice idea right ? ( tell them, if they get caught, you don’t know them either )

Plugin 1. Tweetback

The name explains it all. This plugin will check for tweets about your post ever 15 minutes. With this plugin, you can

  • Showing what tweeters are saying about the post
  • Replies to those tweets from others
  • Showing who is tweeting the post
  • Showing the tweeters’ avatars

That’s pretty Cool. Now, to install this plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard plugin installation page and search “tweetback”. Or, you can download the plugin from this page.

Plugin 2. Tweetbacks

It does pretty much the same.You can display tweets about blog posts as comments on your blog. Install, activate, and you are ready to go !

People are talking about your posts, and not only in the comments to your post. A lot of that conversation is happening on Twitter, and now, you can take that conversation right back to your blog! This plugin imports those tweets about your posts as comments. You can display them in between the other comments on your blog, or display them separately.

To install, same method as above, from dashboard, or download the plugin from here

So, are you ready ?

Image Credit : Twitter Tips – TwiTip