33 thoughts on “Yes, Android for your Laptop – Live CD or USB”

  1. I’d like to try a version that runs under XP looking like an app… i.e. like a vmware image running alongside my normal desktop but perhaps on a 2nd monitor.

    Anyone want to write up a how-to and make a vmware image? Sure you’d get lots of site visitors wanting to try it!

  2. @ popurls.com

    thank you :)

    @ Television Spy

    wait for few more days please .. they will be announcing usb version.

    @ jzacsh

    hmm … good luck ..

    @ David Sutherland

    I am not sure about it friend, if I ever find one, I will post it for you guys :)

  3. wow…this is so cool…totally facinating
    Though I’m not a very tech-savvy …or rather say tech-friendly … so I also find it bit complicated. But i think it’s just about getting used to it.

  4. I’ve tried all versions and none of them bootup.

    I’ve tried them on P1 P2 P3 + P4 and P4 HT.

    None were able to boot.

    What’s happening.

  5. Mr I have Question for You,,,
    I had finished Download LiveAndroid v0.2 USB split-1(HJSplit) ,I had done Installed LiveAndroid v0.2 USB split-1(HJSplit) unetbootin Under Windows and Succes,but when I try to Boot can’t enter into system LiveAndroid extent only Logo LIVE ANDROID,please you solution ??? PLease help me to finished my problem…. .::Thank before::.

  6. Android works only in virtual boxes. I have burned CD with versin 02 and 03. It boot and make hardware detection. After that, only the Android logo on the screen and nothing more. Changing boot parameters i got it working in text mode, but there few options. All the whole of commands are links to BusyBox. I tried live usb with unetbooting. Unetbootin do not have android as option to make a bootable usb. I used UsbInstaller, got my bootable usb, but it doesn’t work.
    Android, no more.

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