Update: HP recently announced an Android Based TouchScreen Netbook named Compaq Air Life 100. Check it out here. and the $35 Android tablet from India.

Live Android Logo

Live Android Logo

We waited for Android to come to Netbooks and Laptops, and then Google said, wait it’s Chrome OS Tips, and we got confused, now, allow me to confuse you more, with Live Android, a project hosted on Google Code website, providing you live iso file for android.

ps: If you want to Chrome OS downloaded for your netbook, click here for instructions.

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You can download a normal live iso image file for android to use on your laptop or netbook. Burn it on a cd, ( DvD won’t  work ), insert cd to the cd drive, and reboot the computer/laptop, and you will have it ready to test, without making any change to your system.

Creating a Live USB for Live Android

You can contact them on twitter, if you need help. I did get help through twitter, really fast. I was trying to create a Live USB using the iso file, but they said, its not ready for using on USB drives.

So, netbook users ( most of those netbooks come without a cd drive ) you may need to wait until version 3.0. The current version has some problem with usb file creator. When it’s ready, you can use this program to create a Live USB.

Me ?

I have downloaded the file, but I couldn’t burn the cd correctly, so, I need some more time to test this. Will update you all once I get this to work on my laptop … stay tuned .. you know what is RSS feed right ?

Now, Have some fun, watch the video?

Help and Resources

1. To enable LiveAndroid 0.2 networking in VMWare Workstation 6.5: