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  1. I’d like to try the usb version.

  2. I do want an android phone, but have ATT, sucks.

  3. David Sutherland

    July 20, 2009 — 1:59 pm

    I’d like to try a version that runs under XP looking like an app… i.e. like a vmware image running alongside my normal desktop but perhaps on a 2nd monitor.

    Anyone want to write up a how-to and make a vmware image? Sure you’d get lots of site visitors wanting to try it!

  4. @ popurls.com

    thank you :)

    @ Television Spy

    wait for few more days please .. they will be announcing usb version.

    @ jzacsh

    hmm … good luck ..

    @ David Sutherland

    I am not sure about it friend, if I ever find one, I will post it for you guys :)

  5. Frankly I’m not really impressed…

  6. @ Darkskeleton

    yea, there is nothing much for us to be impressed, but its a news indeed 😀 and a positive move

  7. wow…this is so cool…totally facinating
    Though I’m not a very tech-savvy …or rather say tech-friendly … so I also find it bit complicated. But i think it’s just about getting used to it.

  8. @ Purvi

    wanna try it out ? :)

  9. Yeah yeah !! i m going to try it with antoha virtual emu ! nice!

  10. @ Mr Smoothies

    try it and let me know your result !!

  11. OMG ! Cool Information. Somebody know why people love netbook more than notebook?

  12. oh it is too nice…try and see

  13. Yes that is awesome! I’ve been meaning to find out more about android and this is exactly what I hoped for. Thanks!

  14. Does the host machine’s webcam work in Android Live?

  15. I’ve tried all versions and none of them bootup.

    I’ve tried them on P1 P2 P3 + P4 and P4 HT.

    None were able to boot.

    What’s happening.

  16. Mr I have Question for You,,,
    I had finished Download LiveAndroid v0.2 USB split-1(HJSplit) ,I had done Installed LiveAndroid v0.2 USB split-1(HJSplit) unetbootin Under Windows and Succes,but when I try to Boot can’t enter into system LiveAndroid extent only Logo LIVE ANDROID,please you solution ??? PLease help me to finished my problem…. .::Thank before::.

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  18. Android works only in virtual boxes. I have burned CD with versin 02 and 03. It boot and make hardware detection. After that, only the Android logo on the screen and nothing more. Changing boot parameters i got it working in text mode, but there few options. All the whole of commands are links to BusyBox. I tried live usb with unetbooting. Unetbootin do not have android as option to make a bootable usb. I used UsbInstaller, got my bootable usb, but it doesn’t work.
    Android, no more.

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