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10 Reasons why Ice cream Sucks !!

Yes, Ice cream sucks  !! you never knew that ??  Read my 10 reasons

Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it
Doctor told me to STOP eating ice creams because I am allergic to it

Enough reasons for a hate campaign against ice creams right ?

ps: photo by rick

Future of Google Wave : Themes and then Wave Desktop Clients

Google Wave will be released later this year. The world is waiting ( just like you and me !! ) … but, lets take a moment to think about how Google Wave will be evolving.

Google Wave Themes

First simple thing that I am thinking about it Google Wave themes. Not everyone likes the googly blue everywhere they go. So, when Google Wave is out, people will be looking for options to change looks and feel of Google Wave. Their prayers will be answered when themes are released.

Looking at the speed at which google wave plugins are being developed, I have no doubt about google wave themes being released very soon. Don’t worry about looking for them around the wide wide web .. I will search and find them for you .. just stay tuned .. ( rss rss … ding dong !! )

Google Wave Desktop Clients

If you are wondering what a Google Wave desktop client is, I have an idea to make it really really easy to understand. If you are using twitter, you are probably not using to tweet and retweet right ? You might be using tweetdeck or twitterfox of something similar.

So think about using google wave from a software similar to tweetdesk, instead of using the web interface ? Like tweetdesk made it easier and interesting to manage your twitter account, we may find an app to make google wave more fun and useful on desktop .. may be an adobe air application ? anyone thinking about that ?  ( hmm did anyone ask for my twitter account ?  here you go .. )

I will be wrong if I say, people have started thinking about Google Wave Desktop clients. They have actually started making them. Here is a video that I found on this blog.

My Wave Web Chat Client Demo from Benjamin Nortier on Vimeo.

These things are still in the development more reformed and usable forms are yet to be developed or released. Let’s wait and watch !!

Sign Up for Free Wave Experience

If you are looking for a way to test google wave before google releases their version, here is a test server where you can sign up for a free account. Its not quite ready yet, but you can get the feeling of what it is like to be inside google wave. Click here

ps: image credit monterd

Google Wave Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are getting ready to use Google Wave, learn these shortcut keys and make yourself comfortable. Don’t forget to bookmark this post for future use !!

Basic Navigation

Up/Down arrows use to navigate messages.
Tab/Shift-tab same as Up/Down arrows (outside edit mode)

Home/End focus first/last message
Space go to next unread message.
Left/Right arrows to switch focus between digest panel and wave panel.
Page Up/Down go to the next page in the panel [does not currently work, known bugs]
Ctrl-Space mark all messages read (focus must be on wave panel though)

Managing your Messages !

Enter replies to messages: the new message will appear just below the selected message (it will be the same indentation level if it is the first reply, but indented more if a non-first reply).
Shift-Enter replies to messages at the end of thread: the new message will appear at the same indentation level, and at the BOTTOM most position.
Shift-Enter while editing ends editing (equivalent to clicking the done button)
highlight text + Enter inline reply: the new message will appear indented and INSIDE the current message.
Ctrl-R same as enter
Ctrl-E edit message
Ctrl-Enter (while editing) insert inline reply at caret

Editing Made Easy !

Ctrl-B toggles bold attributes for selected text
Ctrl-I toggles italics attributes for selected text
Ctrl-G Color
Ctrl-L Links to another Wave (highlight text, hit CTRL-L and put in a URL or a Wave ID (see Debug menu for ID’s) [NOTE: we will soon change the key combo]

Copy and Paste

Ctrl-C copy the selected text.
Ctrl-X cut the selected text.
Ctrl-V paste the text from the text buffer.

Formatting is Fun !

Ctrl- Make the current line a heading, where n = 1..4 for different sized headings.
Ctrl-5 Bullets
Ctrl-6 Normal (removes heading/bullet style, but not bold/italic etc. current visual glitch in some browsers where text stays big – but this is not persistent.)
Ctrl-7 LTR + Left align
Ctrl-8 RTL + Right align

Now Embed Waves in Wikipedia too !

The web is getting ready for Google Wave. There are more and more wave plugins and extensions coming out almost every day for this. Latest one here is Google Wave Embed extension for Mediawiki. This is a simple article that lets you learn the basics of using Google Wave on Wikipedia or Mediawiki.

What is MediaWiki ?

this is what their website says .. simple and easy to understand.

MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and bymany other wikis, including this website, the home of MediaWiki.

What Does this Extension DO ?

The GoogleWave extension makes it possible to embed Google Waves in your installation of MediaWiki using the The Google Wave Embed API. So, in future we may see Google Wave in a Wikimedia entry, letting you do more on that Wiki Article.  If you have your own MediaWiki installation, this is great news for you also.

How to Embed a Wave in a Wiki Article

Now, here is the howto part, or the technical knowhow on adding Google Wave in to a Wiki entry. This can be achieved with the wave-tag and id attribute like this:

<wave id=”!w+TwgH-jM-%B” />

Place the tag in your regular WikiML code in any page and you should be good to go (you must of course change the id to the actual id of the wave that you want to embed).

The MediaWiki wave tag now supports all the attributes that a wave can handle. That means, you can change following things on the wave, ( mainly how it looks, and its size )

  • id (required)
  • height
  • width
  • color
  • bgcolor
  • font
  • fontsize

Need more info ? Click Here.

ME : the confused blogger

It’s 3 am, early morning and it’s raining outside. I have a cup of coffee on my table.

Hmmm … na ..   I was just trying to make this blog post sound normal,  which it is definitely not. This is a confused post from a confused blogger.

Confusion Number One : What type of blog is this ?

Surprised ? Yes, I am confused to the bottom ! What type of a blog is this ? Is this a personal blog ? If  the answer is yes, what happened to my “personal” posts ? No updates about where I am, what I am up to these days .. etc etc …   then how can you call this a personal blog ?.

Okay, then .. is this a tech blog ? oops …. no … posting some links about news you find online doesn’t make this a tech blog .. right ? and yes, archives are full of personal posts and ramblings …

Now, help me, dear friend .. on your books, is this a personal blog or a tech blog ?

Confusion Number Two : What Happened to my comments ?

I have nothing more to say about this .. check the number of comments on few recent posts here .. and then take a look at the archives here … see posts with 25, and 50 comments ?

Something is terribly wrong here .. and I have no idea what it is !! Help me !!

Did I confused you too ? I am sorry ….. GOOD !!

image by db*photography

Is Orkut trying to Imitate Twitter ?

Orkut has always been different. It was about friendship, not about link sharing or the typical social media networking.  Now orkut has announced a new feature that lets you promote your content. And yes, its called “Orkut Promote”

You can share links, photos and videos to your friends using this new feature. If your friends like it, they can “spread” it among their friends. Plus, you can track your promotions, how many people shared it with their friends, how many people clicked on your links etc. Simple ?

Is Orkut trying to Imitate twitter ?

If orkut has made it this simple, why should I confuse you explaining things in words ? Here is a video  ….

I think it’s really cool ! and I am going to use this to promote my blog on Orkut. I know you guys are also going to do the same :D . And yes … not just my blog ok ? I will share your blogs too, whenever I find something interesting from you people !!

Are you still active on Orkut ?

Yes. I am still active on orkut. It is ( still ) a good way to stay connected with old school and college friends. However, when you compare it with other social networking sites like friendfeed or twitter, this is not really about sharing links and content online. This is little different, and I like it.

Is Orkut as good as friendfeed or facebook ?  I don’t know the answer for that question ( do you ? ) .. but I know that orkut is really simple, and that’s why it is still my favorite.  Here is a new feature that helps you promote your content on orkut.  Well, this is simple too.

source : Orkut Blog

Happy 15th Fellow Indians !

Hi fellow Indians …. Happy Independence day to all of you !! Now, here is an independence treat for you from Bangalore. The annual national flower show, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

If you want to Download Pictures in Original Size, visit my Flickr Page

3 More Cool Google Wave Gadgets !

It’s Google Wave gadget time again. Today, I have  3 cool Google Wave Gadgets to share with you. These are picked from the latest plugins added to the Google Wave plugins gallery. So, let’s go for a fun ride with Google Wave Plugins !

1 Music Music !!   Play Piano on Google Wave

Piano on Google Wave

Piano on Google Wave

Yea, really… this is not a joke  ! You can play piano with your friends using Google Wave. Hmm I am thinking, what if someone creates a gadget where a group of people can play a bunch of musical instruments and play something cool together ? Is that too much to ask for ?  I don’t think so !

So, our gadget here is written in javascript. There is only very less information available about this gadget right now. When things are more clear, I will make sure that you guys get the latest information here okay ? So, for now, you can check out the plugin here

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