Future of Google Wave : Themes and then Wave Desktop Clients

Google Wave will be released later this year. The world is waiting ( just like you and me !! ) … but, lets take a moment to think about how Google Wave will be evolving.

Google Wave Themes

First simple thing that I am thinking about it Google Wave themes. Not everyone likes the googly blue everywhere they go. So, when Google Wave is out, people will be looking for options to change looks and feel of Google Wave. Their prayers will be answered when themes are released.

Looking at the speed at which google wave plugins are being developed, I have no doubt about google wave themes being released very soon. Don’t worry about looking for them around the wide wide web .. I will search and find them for you .. just stay tuned .. ( rss rss … ding dong !! )

Google Wave Desktop Clients

If you are wondering what a Google Wave desktop client is, I have an idea to make it really really easy to understand. If you are using twitter, you are probably not using twitter.com to tweet and retweet right ? You might be using tweetdeck or twitterfox of something similar.

So think about using google wave from a software similar to tweetdesk, instead of using the web interface ? Like tweetdesk made it easier and interesting to manage your twitter account, we may find an app to make google wave more fun and useful on desktop .. may be an adobe air application ? anyone thinking about that ?  ( hmm did anyone ask for my twitter account ?  here you go .. )

I will be wrong if I say, people have started thinking about Google Wave Desktop clients. They have actually started making them. Here is a video that I found on this blog.

My Wave Web Chat Client Demo from Benjamin Nortier on Vimeo.

These things are still in the development more reformed and usable forms are yet to be developed or released. Let’s wait and watch !!

Sign Up for Free Wave Experience

If you are looking for a way to test google wave before google releases their version, here is a test server where you can sign up for a free account. Its not quite ready yet, but you can get the feeling of what it is like to be inside google wave. Click here

ps: image credit monterd


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  2. I’ve test run it! Not too bad, can’t wait for the full-fledged launch though 😀

  3. Dude,
    You are serious about Wave huh ? :-) . I see a section with so many articles in em. I was lost for good 30 minutes. Nice. I’m tinkering with a friend’s id ; mine is yet to come (hope it does soon)..

    • YES YES 😀 I am serious about this google wave thing … I wrote these articles before getting access … once I have google wave access, I will regularly post about google wave .. :) stay tuned …

  4. Hi, that’s my demo, thanks for the mention.

    I’m wondering why you called it a desktop client, since it is web-based…?

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