If you are waiting for your google wave account to arrive, let’s have some fun watching a video here. It’s simply an iPhone app for using google wave on your iPhone ( do you have one ? ). It looks interesting !

It’s nice to see the character to character transfer of conversations from a laptop to an iPhone, happening real time. Well, if you are not yet impressed by google wave, this is your turn to be a Google Wave fan !! get ready for that ! Now, a funny bit, whenever there is an error on this app, this is the message that you see

” Everything’s shiny, Cap,n. Not to fret !” Unfortunately, you’ll need to refresh. Wanna tell Dr. Wave what happened ?

That’s really funny.. isn’t it ? A really cool way to ask you to submit a bug report. This also shows that this app is not quite ready. But the video promises that things will look better by September 30th. So, wave fans, this thing is getting bigger !!

ps : I have a post waiting in my drafts, 8 wave plugins that you must try, when you get a wave account, its almost ready, stay tuned !