8 Google Wave plugins you must try when you get an account

Google wave is coming, well before Chrome OS, so stop being worried about Chrome and start thinking how to have fun with Google Wave. Isn’t that a better idea ? Now, let’s have some fun and find out some useful Google Wave Plugins for you to test as soon as you get an account.

And check out the Google Wave Extension for Google Chrome too !!

1. Hobbity : A robot to make the urls shorten in the waves.

hobbity google wave plugin

hobbity google wave plugin

Twitter made us crazy about tiny URLs and url shortening services. So, we should not miss those short URLs when we start waving. Hobbity is a Google Wave plugin that will change your loooooooooooong URLs in to short ones. Details here

2. Bloggy : Publishes the contents of a wave to a blog.

Remember bloggy from Google’s preview of Google Wave at IO conference ? This is the same bloggy, a bot that helps you post a wave to a blog. Wanna See how it works ? Check out the video and more details here

3. Coin Toss Gadget : Some fun, still useful

cointoss google wave plugin

cointoss google wave plugin

Yes, it was not a typo !! You can actually ( and virtually ) toss a coin on a wave using this addon, and decide who tweets this post first or something similar :) More Details here

4. Tweety : Tweet from Wave, Live twitter search from Wave and etc

wave plugin

wave plugin

Yes, a tweet robot on Google Wave. You can tweet from wave, search tweets, ( yes, real time search just like we do on twitter.com) Tweets will get updated automatically. Ain’t that cool ? Details here

5.  Polly : Adding Polls to your Wave


Simple, adding polls to your Wave, managing them, if you remember the demo video,Details here

6. Drupal Waves : Adding Wave to Drupal

drupal wave plugin

drupal wave plugin

Yes, it’s not just wordpress and wave, you can post waves to Drupal also. Try it out if you use drupal and not WordPress. It’ll be fun ! Details here

7. HTML gadgets, lets you adding html codes in to a Wave

html plugin for wave

html plugin for wave

Some love for html, since html is still important for us webbies. And of course, HTML 5 is almost here. Helps you add html codes to any wave. This will include adding images, links, youtube videos etc etc. Details here

8. Stocky : retrieves the live stock price for any stock symbol

stocky wave plugin

stocky wave plugin

Stocky automatically retrieves the live stock price for any stock symbols in your blip text that begins with “$” (ie. $GOOG)
More details here

Do you have any more to add to the list ? Let me know !!

ps : images are from Google Wave plugin gallery


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