The Secret of Watching movies online FREE

Update : If you reached here searching for ” Watch Malayalam Movies online” Here are some suggestions


How long will I keep this secret buried under my drafts ? It’s time to reveal the secret that I have been living with, for a long time now. Well, I may find others with this little secret with them. If you have one, we have a secret comment box at the bottom of this page … ok ? sssh !!

So, it’s short and sweet. I watch 99% movies online +free. Yes, I steal things without paying for them. Now, that’s good, and bad at the same time. There are websites that I have bookmarked where I get every new English, Hindi and Malayalam movie for free. With a 512 kpbs connection with unlimited bandwidth usage, things are really easy.

I am expecting some angry comments too. And yea, I expect some comments asking which are those websites that I visit regularly for free movies. Hmm I will wait till until I see them. Because, I have to think twice, and then three more times, before I give links to those websites. Isn’t too bad to make others steal things … I am not that bad you know..

If you are a regular Internet user, either you should be watching movies online for free, or else, you will be excited to know that you can actually do that for free.  I expected the same response from non-regular users of Internet too, when I presented my idea of watching movies online, free. I thought they will be excited too. But no, they find it’s really tough and geeky, to search for a movie, find a good video sharing site to stream from ( there are faster services, and slow websites ), then waiting for the movie to load or buffer or stream, ( whatever you call it ) ..  that’s really tough for them. Isn’t it supposed to be as easy as changing channels on TV ?

Now, let me see who is with my in this criminals’ gang !!  We can share some tips on watching movies faster, and in better quality !!

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  1. i dont think there is anyone who has access to the net today who doesnt watch movies free on the net. The only thing that restricts them is the bandwidth.

    This will go on till the studios realise that there is a significant amount of people out there who dont have the time/patience to watch crap on the big screen and pay for it. If they can put up movies just like itunes does with music, people would be willing to pay for it.

    The internet killed the music industry and if the movie industry doesnt learn, even its days are numbered.

  2. Man, you do have SOME tricks up your sleeve ! Dont you ! And these are filmy ones too !!

    hmm !


  3. i do watch movies online… but only sometimes…when i think that the movie isn’t good enough to spend 200 bucks in theater 😛
    But yes… i find it bit irritating at times when i have to wait for buffering and then also it will keep getting stuck every now n then. Even if i would wait for half an hour or more to avoid “buffring 0%” sign… it will run smooth for max 20 mins and then back to square one :/
    I find online movies on –
    if you know of a better website please let me.
    btw…i use airtel broadband- 256kbps (suuupose to be 😛 …i don’t know the actual speed )

  4. @ Philip

    Yes, if they don’t do something about this … they will be in trouble very soon …. but if they are ignoring this just like they do with pirated dvd s available everywhere … hmmm they won’t do anything very soon in India, but if they feel they lost something they may ask for tax cut or bailout from govt … idiots

    @ kavi

    lol .. what trick do you want to know ?

    @ Purvi

    another one 😀 welcome to the gang .. when you get the buffering 0% screen stuck there.. reload the page, and try again :) use google video link or megavideo link whenever possible. They are faster than others :)

  5. Any suggestion about which site would be good to watch ‘Love Aaj kal’ online ? 😉

  6. @ Purvi

    emailed you 😀

  7. I have never been a pirate 😉 (Ya right!)

  8. @ Balu

    being true without telling the truth ? 😀

  9. I tried once or twice but I just don’t like the idea. I download them 😀

  10. @ amit

    lol .. ok I am just opposite .. I never download them !

  11. I generally use bit torrents for the simple fact that they are POWER-CUT-PROOF. NOw i days i am looking at the google search trick called intitle:index of. try that.. its good :)

  12. @ s4n705h

    what’s the trick ? tell me more about it please ?

  13. BTW you can also search for anonmouse FTP site from where they allow to download movie. just google for some FTP indexers or ftp search engines. They are really good. I got one ftp where whole of win XP was available for download. Pirated of Course!!!!

  14. I watch hindi movies at….they are good and mostly updated

  15. good it’s so funny

  16. There are plenty of websites I can suggest you a couple that I know, they’re without any virus and you don’t need to download anything:

    I adore the look and has all the latest movies

  17. I’ve been trying to locate a website which provide buying of legal malayalam movie downloads. For English movies, there are so many sites like movieberry etc. But I couldn’t locate any place for malayalam. Somebody knows about any such site…???

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