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How long will I keep this secret buried under my drafts ? It’s time to reveal the secret that I have been living with, for a long time now. Well, I may find others with this little secret with them. If you have one, we have a secret comment box at the bottom of this page … ok ? sssh !!

So, it’s short and sweet. I watch 99% movies online +free. Yes, I steal things without paying for them. Now, that’s good, and bad at the same time. There are websites that I have bookmarked where I get every new English, Hindi and Malayalam movie for free. With a 512 kpbs connection with unlimited bandwidth usage, things are really easy.

I am expecting some angry comments too. And yea, I expect some comments asking which are those websites that I visit regularly for free movies. Hmm I will wait till until I see them. Because, I have to think twice, and then three more times, before I give links to those websites. Isn’t too bad to make others steal things … I am not that bad you know..

If you are a regular Internet user, either you should be watching movies online for free, or else, you will be excited to know that you can actually do that for free.  I expected the same response from non-regular users of Internet too, when I presented my idea of watching movies online, free. I thought they will be excited too. But no, they find it’s really tough and geeky, to search for a movie, find a good video sharing site to stream from ( there are faster services, and slow websites ), then waiting for the movie to load or buffer or stream, ( whatever you call it ) ..  that’s really tough for them. Isn’t it supposed to be as easy as changing channels on TV ?

Now, let me see who is with my in this criminals’ gang !!  We can share some tips on watching movies faster, and in better quality !!

photo credits : peasap