Wavr : WordPress plugin for Google Wave

Wavr Plugin for WordPress
Wavr Plugin for WordPress

So boys and girls of waveland ( if you are not a member of Google Waveland yet,  come on in ! ), here is another Wave plugin for WordPress. It does something basic as of now, like most of the other plugins for Google Wave. But I see some serious work going on with this sourceforge.net hosted project.

Use this plugin to embed Google Wave inside a wordpress post, as easy as [wave id=”wave-id”].This plugin implements the full wave embed api. Will include widgets for the sidebar in the near future. Features a TinyMCE button for embedding the wave.

You can download the plugin from here Official WordPress.org Page here

That’s the short description about the project. These guys are trying to create a community around this wordpress plugin, which is a good sign, and has an idea about what to do with this plugin in future releases. They are promising a sidebar widget in the next version.

This plugin is a beta release and you need a Google Wave account to test this. Along with embeding the wave, you can control the following attributes of the wave from this plugin. bgcolor, color, font_size, font, width, height.

The plugin features a TinyMCE button for embedding the wave. Just click on the button and it will show you a prompt where you can set the wave id and other parameters.

In coming days, we will see more WordPress plugins for Google wave, and this will gain momentum when Google Wave is open for public. So, competition among Google Wave plugins for WordPress is something that we can hope for in the future.

See the plugin in action here

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