‘Emoticony’ A Google Wave Plugin for adding Smielys and Emoticons

Emoticons for Google Wave

Emoticons for Google Wave

Can you imagine emails and chat messages without emitocons or smileys ? I can’t ..  I even use them while chatting with customers and clients. When Google wave is released, we will start searching for cool smiles and emoticons for Wave conversations too. I started that search early and found a nice plugin for all of us !!

Emoticony Robot for Google Wave

Emoticony is a robot for Google Wave which replaces text representations of emoticons with the relevant image. There are currently over 50 different emoticons available, with this number continuing to grow. They are planning to release emoticons focused around specific events (Halloween, Christmas etc.)

In order to enable the plugin, all you need to do is, add emoticonbot@appspot.com to your wave.  Enjoy ! For More Plugins, click here


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  1. Quite an interesting idea, makes the posts look much nicer.

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