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  1. a cool article. btw, how can we create a new wave for public?

  2. Wow great info now that should make my wave time busier =P

  3. Google wave is indeed multi-funtional. I think it was build under the framework of social media. :-)

  4. i tried public@a.googlewave.com, but google wave said “public@a.googlewave.com is not a Google Wave account.”

  5. Hey thanks for all the updates on google wave. I prefer reading your posts than the google blog. :)

  6. Now, how do I get a google wave account? Can someone invite me?

  7. please send me a google wave account link

  8. Sigh! Dinu, you’ve exhausted your invites!! Who can I get the invites? I want to try GWave! 😀

  9. Thanks for this, I had been wondering how to access those public Waves!

  10. isnt Google wave another hype from Google? Collaboration was available decades ago in products like Lotus Notes. Even online collaboration tools are available in thousands on the net. Read this article


  11. Pls can somebody send me a invitation to google wave

  12. where i can filnd a list of public waves?

  13. great information sharing and thanks for that.

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