Listen, this is a pretty cool thing. Google Wave also has a public timeline, like twitter. It shows all wave created and updated if they are marked “public”, and this happens real-time. You can open these waves and join the conversation.  To access it, all you need to do is, type “with:public” without quotes, in to the search bar.

Google Wave Public Timeline

Google Wave Public Timeline

One day after the beta account invites were sent out to thousands of users for preview, the wave public timeline is full of people excited about their new wave accounts. I can see new waves appearing every second.

If you’d like to make the contents of a wave public, add as a participant. This will let you publish the wave on blogposts etc. This may bring the wave in the public timeline. If that is not working, Add as a contact from your contacts menu, and then add it as  a user on the wave. This will publish wave to with:public timeline.

Trends on Public Timeline, Day two.

Find More People: The basic trend on wave now is simple. People need to know more wave users to connect to, so that they can actually try using wave. A wave account is useless if you do not know anyone else without a wave account.  People are trying to find wave users from their geographical area, or their country. I saw a wave for people testing the upcoming version of ubuntu, 9.10 ( Karmic ).

Collect Information: See titles of few popular public waves, or wave groups : ” Anything About Photography” “Game Design Wave Group”, These waves are edited by many people, adding links and information about specific topics.  Something similar to wikipedia ?

Advertising and Social Media Networking: People are creating waves to advertise their blog, or lets not call it advertising, but social media marketing using google wave ? I could see a wave with 99 responses, with the title, Public Wave of ( mashable is a popular social media blog )

The Best Part, Public Waves are searchable.

Yes, the best part about public waves, or wave groups, as some call it is, it can be searched. Type in with:public followed by your search term, and you will find waves with that keyword. In future. this will be a huge source of information, and also an revenue source for google, through advertising.

Google Wave is evolving in many new ways and forms, that is with only few thousands of users, and this is second day. I am excited !!