How To Uninstall An Extension or Plugin on Google Wave

Here is a quick “How To” on Uninstalling  extensions or plugins on Google wave, with Screenshots.

1. Click on “Settings” on the Navigation Panel. Or, you can type “with:settie” in the search bar.

Uninstall Wave Extensions

Uninstall Wave Extensions

2. Open the Wave “Extension Settings”

Uninstall Wave Gadgets

Uninstall Wave Gadgets

3. Find the gadget you want to uninstall or remove, and click on “Unintall” or “Remove”

Uinstall Wave Addon

Uinstall Wave Addon

Done !!

12 thoughts on “How To Uninstall An Extension or Plugin on Google Wave

  1. Hey you got a wave invite? In case you did, add me on the contact list. Same as my gmail id but with =)
    Been checking out all those gadgets you wrote about earlier.
    Also, I’ve posted my opinion on wave on my gaming blog

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  3. I want an invite! Can’t imagine all those GWave awesomeness without giving it a test drive! Dinu, these days your main focus is only GWave. Must be cool :D

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