5 thoughts on “HP Announces Android Based Netbook – Compaq Airlife 100

  1. How to Create Android Live USB or Live Cd for Testing on Laptops Netbooks

  2. how to install android on laptop ? android Live cd image download page

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  4. Why doesn’t some one call this what it is Bullshit! bunch of lying geeks, live androoid does not work on a USB drive yet

    Stop copying links and posting them. and it’s always in broken english or linux never for windows (XP) win vista and seven is a joke slow and cumbersome. The emperor is not wearing any clothes!!!!!!!!!

    so stop all this bull shit and some one come up with something better than vaporware for a usb, or a way to load it into a PC tablet ( you remember those they were fullsized computers that used a pen before those over sized phones that we are being over charged for that do less than the old timers. stop playing with toys we ha ve the technology demand the manufacturers build a real device, not a bunch of stupid over priced toys.and all you fan boys STFU

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