Even though I am more interested in a Chrome OS based netbook now, Android based netbooks are still an interesting news. Companies like HP are still developing android based netbooks, and here is the latest one – Compaq Airlife 100.

It runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor and has 512MB if RAM, and a 16GB internal Flash drive. Every other feature looks similar to  a netbook, including the 10-inch widescreen, 1,024-by-600 resolution, card reader, and 28WH battery (3-cell).

Compaq Airlife 100 works with Microsoft Exchange, that means you can have your corporate email account on this netbook. It also has an application for you to view and edit word, excel and powerpoint files. It can handle PDF files too.

The Airlife 100 will be available only in Europe for now. There’s no word on pricing or when it’ll be available in the United States or any other countries.

If  you are interested in testing Android on your own laptop now, you can check out Live Android, a customized android version of laptops and desktop computers. However, I think its better to try Chrome OS, and not android, because both of them are moving in different directions as of now. Android is being developed for mobile phones, and Chrome OS, for laptops or tablets.

I recently tried Chrome Os on my laptop, installing it on my USB drive. You can check this post for more details about it. I have posted some pictures too. I am yet to figure out how to uninstall the OS from my USB drive, and my wife is blaming me for making that drive unusable :D

Another interesting thing for you, if you want to add the beautiful Chrome Os menu on your normal Chrome browser, check this post, I have explained how to do it  !

Oops ! Started writing about Android, and ended up in Chrome OS ! Sorry Guys :D Here is a nice little video of the Compaq Airlife 100. HP has put in some good work with the UI, and made the netbook touch screeen. The browser has tabbed browsing, and this always remains connected using 3g.

news and image from pcmag.com