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October 2010

Qwiki Brings Text to Life With Images & Audio

Watch this demo video of Qwiki and let me know what you think ! I loved the part where qwiki gives daily briefing in the morning. When will you come to Android phones qwiki ? Btw, I got an invite… Continue Reading →

How to Get The Demo Slam Background Image on Google.Com

DemoSlam.Com is an awesome website for Google product demos. Check it out if you haven’t yet. Here is one of the interesting videos from there. Liked it ? Would you like to have the same image as background for… Continue Reading →

FameTown – A Facebook Game That Makes You a Hollywood Star

For some time, you were a farmer on facebook and then you became a Don with Mafia Wars. Now, its time for you to be a Hollywood star. On Monday, Mr. Eisner, the former chief executive of the Walt Disney… Continue Reading →

Peace Be With You

Evening Mass in a Bangalore Church. She looked different in that crowd. She was poor, they were rich. They were serious and she was smiling. When it was time to wish peace each other …. she turned around, smiled and… Continue Reading →

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