How to Get The Demo Slam Background Image on Google.Com

DemoSlam.Com is an awesome website for Google product demos. Check it out if you haven’t yet. Here is one of the interesting videos from there.

Liked it ? Would you like to have the same image as background for on your computer too ? Here is how to get it.

Demo Slam Steal Google Logo

Demo Slam Steal Google Logo

Login to your Google account

On Bottom left, select “Change Background”

Now, select “Editor’s Pick” option

And you have the Demo Slam “Steal Google Logo” image there !! select that one and you are good to go !!


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  1. I thought you were actively blogging at Chrome? Apologies for overlooking.

  2. I love this video, and I got the picture on my Google account! FUNNY! If it is possible to do more videos like this, please do so!

    I LOVE IT!!!

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