Is Your Mobile Service Provider Advertising On Your Caller Tune/Hello Tune ?

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This happens very usually. I am calling a friend and he / she has a caller tune ( or hello tune ) but, for about 5 to 10 seconds, what I get to hear is their service provider advertising their Hello Tunes .

Most of the times, the person at the other end answers the call before I start hearing the song. So, are you paying for that advertisement ? Really ?

I haven’t collected enough information to confirm if this is only on any particular network. Do you guys know about this advertisement ? Is it on all circles / states ? ( I experience this in Karnataka circle )

Is this fair ?

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  1. OMG! Never heard of such. But if this is truly happening, it sickens me!!!

  2. hi hi … unbelievable right ? 😀

  3. yeah, this is quite common.. u can hear * copy callertune add when you dial in to a number who is subscribed to callertune and this is not all…soon you;ll get to hear other advertisements as well…and can view it too with the 3G coming up.
    Wonder when you dial in to number and you’ll get ….”Tandurusti ki Raksha Karta hai Lifebuoy…bla bla bla….” before the call connects…

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  5. But when i uploaded the caller tune for airtel it was sooo romantic. its dailer number is 5432112054918

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