Google Talk Guru – A Bot That Answers Your Questions

Opening your web browser and googling for something may soon become out of fashion ? Here is the new trend, Google Talk Guru is an experimental project from Google Labs, which adds a contact to your Google Talk list ( or in gmail chat box ).

Google Talk Guru

Google Talk Guru

Guru answers your questions sitting there in you contact list. Send an invitation to in Gmail Chat, Google Talk or any other Jabber client and find simple facts like weather, simple calculations, search results etc. Here is a list of example questions

Sport scores: score arsenal
Weather: weather Nairobi
Calculate: 123 * 45
Currency: 120 KES to USD
Definition: define laptop
Translation: translate earth to French
Web result: web Mount Kenya
Help: help translate


Enjoy !!

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  1. This could be part of Google’s strategy to move everything into the cloud, including the calculator that you use. Google’s ChromeOS just might do that!

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