MonthOctober 2011

Is This Nexus Prime? A Full Size Picture

I got this from a comment in  Looks like what they are showing in the video there. This could be someone’s imagination +Photoshop. We have to wait till October 11 to know for sure. But this one looks like a cool device.


Nexus Prime Android Phone

Nexus Prime Android Phone

I think Samsung designers worked really hard to make an impressive and unique design so that Apple won’t take them to court for this one too. Here is the video teaser from Samsung which promises something big at the October 11th Samsung Unpacked  event.

Source : Engadget comments

Upgrading My LG Optimus One To Android 2.3 :-)

Android OS updates often reach users months after it’s release, thanks to customization by OEMs. Indian users usually get to wait even longer than usual.

Android 2.3 for LG Optimus One

Android 2.3 for LG Optimus One


I got Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for my LG Optimus one recently after  a long wait. Even though android 2.2 is capable of an OTA (Over The Air) upgrade, LG decided to push it using the PC Suite. Well, the upgrade went smooth anyway and I was up and running with ginger bread within one hour.

Upgrade Instructions

Writing good article with upgrade instructions is no easy job. I am glad that I found this article from Thank you guys!! Anyone planning to upgrade their LG Optimus One to 2.3, I recommend this article.

This may be the last update to this phone with official support. For future versions, we will probably have to look for custom ROMs from developers. That’s possible because of the open source nature of Android.

So, let’s wait for Ice Cream Sandwich Now :)