I added a bbpress forum to my blog chromestory.com recently. Since bbpress is being maintained as a wordpress plugin instead of a separate software, installing and setting up the forum was simple and easy.

and then I started figuring out ways to stop spammers and bots.

After lots of tweaking and breaking, I got the forum ready to block spam posts. But, I started noticing some user sign ups with suspicious mail IDs. These definitely were bots or spammers. But how are they finding my new forum?

This entry in the search engine terms of blog stats gave me the answer. intext:powered by wordpress inurl:regist

This was one of the search engine keywords bringing traffic to the forum. Clearly, spammers were using Google to find out wordpress powered websites with registration pages.

Removing the text “powered by wordpress” was not a good option. I could change the second criteria of their search keyword. I changed the slug (url) of the sign up page on my forum, and that has reduced the number of spammers registering on my forum.

So, there, a small thing I learned while getting a forum ready. I am sure this will come handy if you have a blog or forum with option for users to sign up.